About Us

Company Profile

Chromatographic Specialties is an all Canadian company located in Brockville, Ontario, Canada. For over 55 years, we have specialized in supplying top quality Gas & Liquid Chromatography and Sample Preparation consumables and instrumentation to the Canadian scientific community.

The foundation of our success has been our commitment to technical expertise, superior customer service, and in-house inventory. Our bilingual capabilities enable us to serve all Canadians.

We believe the products we offer improve the analytical capabilities of our customers. It is our goal to foster strong rapport with our customers, keeping them informed of new products and techniques that are relevant to their work, allowing them to reap the benefits of newly emerging technology. Targeted mailings, seminars, tradeshows, meetings with our Technical Sales Representatives, and discussions with our Technical Support Staff are all vehicles for this exchange of information.

This dedication to continually educate our customer base and improve our customer service is what has made Chromatographic Specialties the premier supplier of these products to Canadian scientists.

Company History

Chromatographic Specialties was founded in 1963 by John and Margaret McKend. Five years earlier, John had been involved in the first installation of a GC at DuPont of Canada (Maitland Works). Over the next few years he noticed that chromatography supplies were excessively difficult to obtain from the US-based equipment manufacturers. Taking advantage of his knowledge and expertise, he began to manufacture and sell packed GC columns. John quickly expanded his supply base to include other chromatographic products and formed CSI to supply these products to a rapidly expanding Canadian marketplace.

Chromatographic Specialties has evolved into the largest supplier of products for the Canadian chromatography market. Strong technical abilities, huge inventory levels, superior customer service and a supplier base that is second-to-none are the key ingredients of our success. Our original 5,000 square foot facility has more than tripled in size over the years to accommodate our ever-expanding business.

Our sister company, MJS BioLynx was formed in February 1998 to fulfill the needs of a growing lifesciences customer base. BioLynx is dedicated to providing researchers with the highest level of customer service available in the Life Science Industry. Through its relationship with Chromatographic Specialties, BioLynx has developed strong associations with major worldwide manufacturers, enabling it to supply high quality products to the Canadian market. For more information on MJS BioLynx, visit their web site at www.biolynx.ca.