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Chromatographic Specialties endeavors to target-mail literature of relevance to our customer base. To assist us in achieving this goal, the Customer Interest Form will allow you to tell us about your interests. Please complete this form and submit it electronically, it will help us keep you abreast of technical advances in your fields of interest.

Innovations in GC

GC Education

A. Environmental GC

B. Pharmaceutical/Cosmetic GC

C. Forensic/Clinical/Toxicological GC

D. Food & Flavor GC

E. Biological/Agricultural GC

F. Industrial Chemical GC

G.Petrochemical GC

H. Fixed Gases GC

I. GC Techniques

Innovations in HPLC

HPLC Education

L. Environmental HPLC

K. Forensic/Toxicological HPLC

M. Pharmaceutical/Cosmetic HPLC

N. Food & Flavor HPLC

O. Industrial Chemical HPLC

P. Clinical / Research / Diagnostic / Biological HPLC

Q. HPLC Bioseparations

R. HPLC Techniques

S. Instrumentation

Sample Prep Education

Innovations in Sample Preparation

V. Special Interest

V. Sample Preparation and Handling