New Products

Biotage TurboVap® II and TurboVap® LV

The next generation of solvent extractors featuring the patented sheared vortex technology.

Flexible rack:  A novel and innovative feature of the new TurboVap® II and LV is the Multi Rack system that can be fully adjusted for a variety of tube and vial sizes, from 1.5mL to 60mL for the TurboVap® LV and from 50mL to 200mL for the TurboVap® II

Removable adjustable nozzles: Easily replaceable individual nozzles allow for quick, easy and inexpensive maintenance

Independent gas flow control: Each row can individually be turned on or off depending on the number of samples, allowing for reduced gas consumption if the unit is not full

Flow gradient: Flow gradients can be programmed to gradually increase as evaporation occurs, decreasing the amount of time it takes to reach the desired end-point, without splashing

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AccuStandard - T.K. Exempted Cannabinoid Standards

  • Exempted as Test Kits (T.K.) by Health Canada for the use of a controlled substance for scientific purposes
  • Main cannabinoids available:
    • THC-8 and THC-9
    • Cannabichromene (CBC)
    • Cannabidiol (CBD)
    • Cannabidiolic acid (CBDA)
    • Cannabinol (CBN)
    • Cannabigerol (CBG)
    • THCA-A
    • Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV)
  • Made under ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and Guide 34 accreditation


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Restek – EXP® Guard Column Cartridges for Raptor™ 1.8 µm Columns

EXP® UHPLC guard column cartridges are made specifically for Raptor 1.8 µm columns. They provide extreme protection from particulates and matrix contamination, extend the lifetime of already rugged and long-lasting Raptor columns, and are proven to withstand the same UHPLC pressures as their analytical column counterparts. These new guard column cartridges are especially valuable when using dilute-and-shoot or other minimal sample preparation techniques.

  • Free-Turn architecture lets you change cartridges by hand without breaking inlet/outlet fluid connections—no tools needed
  • Patented titanium hybrid ferrules can be installed repeatedly without compromising high-pressure seal
  • Auto-adjusting design provides ZDV (zero dead volume) connection to any 10-32 female port


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Macherey Nagel – HD TLC Plates

The improved binder in SIL HD and Nano-SIL HD glass TLC plates provides:

  • Outstanding Abrasion Resistance
  • Good dyeability and wettability for precise colourization results, even with 100% Aqueous Reagents
  • Trace analysis capability on UV indicator plates - higher brilliance and low noise back ground for clearer results
  • Available for standard (SIL HD) or HPTLC (Nano-SIL HD), with or without UV indicator in both versions


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CHROMSPEC™ - Inlet Liners for Agilent GCs

Economical, high quality, deactivated CHROMSPEC split/splitless injection port liners for Agilent models 5890/6850/6890/7890 GCs.

  • Exceptional manufacturing that meets or exceeds instrument manufacturer’s specifications
  • Each liner is made with a high quality, proprietary deactivation process to ensure a clean, inert glass surface
  • Ultra Clean foil wrapped liners for enhanced liner protection and inertness
  • Packaged in Ultra Clean, white non-plastic fluted trays

Why pay more for inlet liners from Agilent when you can expect the same liner performance for your routine GC analyses at affordable CHROMSPEC prices!   

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CPI International - Electron Multipliers

To help you efficiently perform mass spectrometry, CPI offers air-stable continuous dynode electron multipliers compatible with a variety of analytical instruments and applications, including GC/MS, LC/MS, residual gas analyzers, and other instrumentation.

CPI electron multipliers are crafted from lead glass and carefully processed to yield a secondary emitting layer on the inner surface, which ensures high dynamic range and accurate detection of ions and other charged particles. Their analytical experts combined premium quality materials with innovations in engineering technology to produce electron multipliers featuring optimal sensitivity and a longer operating life.

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Activated Research Company® – Jetanizer™

The Jetanizer™ offers drastically simpler analysis of CO and CO2.  Made possible by advances in 3D printing and ARC’s proprietary catalysts, the Jetanizer™ is the world’s easiest methanizer to use and requires no extra plumbing, heaters, gases or toxic nickel catalysts. The Jetanizer™ installs in your FID like a normal jet to catalytically convert CO and CO2 to methane for ppb-to-100% concentration detection.

How it works:

Simply remove your FID jet and install the Jetanizer™ in its place. It’s that simple!

Why it matters:

Your time is important. That's why ARC designed the Jetanizer™ to be a fast, easy, and economical replacement to your traditional methanizer.  Install one and improve lab operations today!

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Activated Research Company® – Polyarc® System

The Polyarc® system is the first commercial technology of its kind. The device uses proprietary technologies, including novel catalysts and a specially designed 3D-printed microreactor. The Polyarc system seamlessly integrates into new and existing gas chromatographs (GCs) with flame ionization detectors (FIDs). The optimized internal design and catalyst microstructure maintain separation performance and peak shape while increasing sensitivity.

How it works:

The Polyarc® system converts all organic compounds to methane molecules prior to their detection by the FID, creating a uniform detector response for truly universal carbon detection. This gives scientists the capability to quantify accurately in a simple, fast and more economical way, transforming the analysis of organic compounds.

Why it matters:

Improve accuracy, precision and sensitivity with a uniform FID response. Better data quality leads to improved decision making and more reliable products.
Run fewer samples by reducing the need for traditional calibration curves while accurately quantifying all species in a sample.
Achieve a more cost-effective, time-saving and productive operation!

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Restek - GC Accelerator Oven Insert Kit for Agilent 6890 and 7890 instruments

  • Get the same GC separation in less time—use a GC Accelerator kit and the EZGC method translator to accurately convert methods to a scaled-down column format
  • Scaled-down methods let you speed up analysis time and increase sample throughput without capital investment
  • GC Accelerator kit installs easily without damaging the GC column or interfering with the MS interface

Designed with GC-MS users in mind, the GC Accelerator kit provides a simple way to speed up sample analysis. By reducing oven volume, these inserts allow faster ramp rates to be attained, which reduces oven cycle time and allows for increased sample throughput and more capacity to process rush samples. When faster ramp rates are used, existing methods can be accurately scaled down to smaller, high-efficiency, narrow-bore columns using Restek’s EZGC method translator. With a scaled-down column, a properly translated method, and a GC Accelerator kit, you can obtain the same chromatographic separation—often with greater sensitivity—in a fraction of the time without making a capital investment.

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Regis Technologies - Celeris™ Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Columns

  • Five SFC specific stationary phases for broad selectivity
  • 5µm and 10µm columns for high efficiency
  • Scalable from analytical to preparative dimensions
  • Competitively priced – 30% savings compared to the competition
  • Use larger columns to reduce number purification runs needed


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Macherey-Nagel – NUCLEOSHELL® Bluebird RP 18 HPLC Columns


  • Core-shell technology for fast and efficient HPLC
  • C18 modified silica phase with distinct polar selectivity
  • Excellent base deactivation
  • Suitable for LC/MS due to low bleeding characteristics
  • Extremely durable in 100% aqueous mobile phase
  • Recommended for: Very polar analytes like organic acids, water-soluble vitamins, sweeteners, nitrosamines, pesticides and pharmaceuticals

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UCT - Refine™ 96 Well Ultra-Filtration Plates

  • Processes 96 samples in less than 20 minutes
  • Can be used with a wide range of biological sample types, such as plasma and urine
  • Accommodates in-well urinary enzyme hydrolysis and can withstand high incubation temperatures
  • Provides additional clean-up and filtration for cannabis analysis

Various biological sample types commonly contain proteins that complicate downstream analysis if not effectively removed. The use of UCT’s all new Refine™ 96 Well Ultra- Filtration Plates allow for sample precipitation and filtration to occur simultaneously in the same plate providing a fast and easy-to-follow protocol in under 15 minutes.

The novel, hydrophobically treated, dual frit combo mitigates any leakage of the sample/organic solvent through the plate before the application of negative or positive pressure. This ensures adequate filtering rather than pelleting precipitated proteins, not only extending the lifetime of an analytical column, but also eliminating any sample transfer steps.


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Knauer – Azura® SMB for Multi-column or Batch LC

  • Modular system designed to separate biomolecules or small molecules
  • Upgrade kits allow other configurations to be implemented easily such as batch configuration or the addition of a column thermostat
  • The PurityChrom® MCC software provides an interactive visualization of the installed system, giving you the opportunity to keep track of all important parameters

The ability to add more modules to the system as needed (such as pumps, valves, or detectors) and control all different operating modes with the same software makes it easy to handle and avoids compatibility issues that might arise when using heterogeneous system environments and configurations. Training effort is also minimized with the AZURA solution.


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