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Quality Fittings at Reasonable Prices, Fully Compatible and Intermixable with other Leading Competitors, Guaranteed

With decades of industry leading experience, Hy-Lok has earned a name for high precision, and exceptional quality products. Their commitment to continued innovation in manufacturing, excellent customer service, and competitive prices has made them a top choice worldwide across many industries.

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ARC – Activated Research Company

Activated Research Company (ARC) was founded in 2014 with a mission to make chemical analysis easy while improving accuracy, saving time, and reducing overall costs. The Polyarc System is an add-on device which simplifies GC/FID analysis by providing a uniform carbon response. The Jetanizer, launched in 2017, is the world’s easiest methanizer – designed to analyze CO and CO2 with ease, all within an FID jet.

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YL Chromass – GC and GC/MS Systems

YOUNG IN Chromass Co., Ltd. (YL Instruments, South Korea) has been providing scientists in the European and Asian markets with feature-rich, reliable GC & GC/MS analytical instrumentation at reasonable prices for over 30 years.

Combine YL Instruments outstanding combination of features and price, with Chromatographic Specialties' focus on superior customer service and support, and you get a powerful and versatile instrument backed by the best warranty and team in the country.

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Princeton Chromatography

Princeton Chromatography delivers the highest quality, cutting edge products. From HPLC to SFC, analytical to prep, all columns are manufactured on-site and subjected to rigid quality standards.  Over 80 stationary phases are available to meet you HPLC and SFC needs! 

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Shodex™ brand LC columns have been manufactured by Showa Denko in Japan since 1973. With over 1000 different columns covering all separation modes, they are confident that they can provide the perfect column for your analytical needs. Shodex™ is best known for innovative polymer-based columns offering size-exclusion chromatography, HILIC, and sugar analysis columns.

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Faster Chemistry – FastWoRX™ Liquid-Liquid Extraction Alternative

Forget the Separatory Funnel!

  • Ideal for reaction work-ups or for extracting from particle laden environmental samples
  • Solvent Savings
    • Reduce 20 - 50 mL of solvent needed for traditional LLE to 0 - 5 mL with FastWoRX
  • Time Savings
    • LLE-based extraction work flow adds up to approximately 50 min / sample
    • FastWoRX-based work flow typically takes 15 min or less to reach the same point
  • Safety
    • Reduction in potential contact with hazardous reagents and solvents

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