CHROMSPEC Inlet Liners for Agilent GCs

Product Description

  • Economical, high quality, deactivated CHROMSPEC split/splitless injection port liners for Agilent models 5890/6850/6890/7890 GCs.
  • Exceptional manufacturing that meets or exceeds instrument manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Each liner is made with a high quality, proprietary deactivation process to ensure a clean, inert glass surface.
  • Ultra Clean foil wrapped liners for enhanced liner protection and inertness.
  • Packaged in Ultra Clean, white non-plastic fluted trays.

Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD) Order / Quote
C72500 CHROMSPEC Liner, Split, Straight, with Glass Wool 5 --

C72501 CHROMSPEC Liner, Splitless, Single Taper, Deactivated, with Glass Wool 5 --

C72502 CHROMSPEC Liner, Splitless, Single Taper, Deactivated 5 --

C72506 CHROMSPEC Liner, Splitless, DOUBLE Taper, Deactivated 5 --