Merlin MicroShot Manual Sample Injector for Gas Chromatography

Product Description

  • The Merlin MicroShot Injector makes manual syringe injections convenient and reproducible using readily available chromatography syringes. The unique trigger mechanism makes each injection automatic when the needle is inserted into the injection port. The plunger displacement is fixed for precise volume delivery confirming reproducibility. The Merlin MicroShot uses syringes with removable or fixed and 23 or 26 gauge needles with a ball-end plunger detail. Improves manual injection reproducibility.
  • Easy manipulation of plunger to rinse and fill syringe.
  • Protects syringe plunger.
  • Injection is a simple motion.
  • Sample discharged automatically by spring-driven plunger slide.
  • Injection volume controlled by a fixed, calibrated volume rod.
  • Compatible with a variety of sample containers.


Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD) Order / Quote
MIC70101 MicroShot Injector with 0.1 μL volume delivery Each --

MIC70102 MicroShot Injector with 0.2 μL volume delivery Each --

MIC70105 MicroShot Injector with 0.5 μL volume delivery Each --

MIC70110 MicroShot Injector with 1.0 μL volume delivery Each --

MIC70120 MicroShot Injector with 2.0 μL volume delivery Each --