Soxhlet Extraction

  • The most widely used method for the extraction of solids
  • The solid sample is placed in a Soxhlet thimble made of cellulose or glass
  • The thimble is placed in the Soxhlet apparatus
  • Soxhlet extractions are usually slow: 12 to 24 hours or more
  • Refluxing extraction solvent condenses into the thimble and extracts the soluble analytes
  • The apparatus is designed to siphon the extract each time the chamber holding the thimble fills with solvent
  • The siphoned solution containing dissolved analytes returns to the boiling flask and the process is repeated until the analyte has been removed from the solid sample and isolated in the flask

Soxhlet extraction is effective when your analytes have limited solubility and the sample impurity is insoluble in the desired solvent.


Micro Soxhlet Extraction consumes less organic solvent.

SAVE MONEY...When limits of detection aren’t crucial or sample size is limited, scale down to the more economical 10 x 50mm thimbles.




The disposable cellulose and glass fibre thimbles are available in a wide range of sizes and wall thicknesses. The size range available is 37-250mm in length and 18 to 80mm ID.  We can also provide reusable glass thimbles with varying sizes and porosities. The glass fibre thimbles can be used in temperatures up to 500°C and when using solvents incompatible with cellulose thimbles.

Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus

Cellulose Soxhlet Thimbles

Glass Extraction Thimbles

Micro Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus



CHROMSPEC™ Soxhlet Extraction Thimble Flyer