Axcend Focus LC®

Product Description

  • The Axcend Focus LC® is a breakthrough, fully portable, high-performance liquid chromatography system that can be hand-carried anywhere and used on-the-spot: within a laboratory, inside a glove box, on a scientist’s desk, on a manufacturing line, and yes, even in the field.
  • This compact HPLC instrument is completely self-contained with battery, pump, solvents, waste, column, and detector all inside the case.
  • The handle allows the HPLC to be easily moved around a lab, to other buildings, or in the field.
  • Our iOS application allows the use of a tablet, laptop, or iPhone to run the system
  • The Axcend Focus fits in a hood, automation bench, or other synthetic/robotic platform
  • With a compact HPLC system, data is available to the scientist immediately-no waiting for results from a central lab or walk-up LC


Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
AX101002 Axcend Focus LC®, Battery Powered Each -- Add to Cart

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