Titanium Frits - PEEK-Encased Type

Product Description

  • For HPLC columns or in-line filters
  • Biocompatible - recommended for protein analysis
  • Eliminate poorly swept volume and improves peak symmetry
  • Higher corrosion resistance
  • Various porosities and dimensions available
  • In terms of biocompatibility, the frit is the critical spot for contributing metal ions to the mobile phase and for interaction with protein samples.
  • VICI Jour PEEK-encased frits with 1/5" or 1/4" OD ring are intended for HPLC columns with IDs of 3.2 and 4.6 mm. With the frit surrounded by a PEEK ring, the actual porous surface is reduced to the column ID.
  • The compressed PEEK ring forms a seal between the bottom of the fitting and the column end, preventing the mobile phase and the sample from entering the previously accessible poorly swept areas.

Product Options

Product Number Ring OD Frit OD Thickness Porosity Frit Volume Package Size List Price (CAD)
C44112505P5 1/4" 0.181" 0.062" 5um 6.87uL 5 -- Add to Cart
C44112510P5 5 -- Add to Cart
C4411252P5 n/a 2um Titanium,PEEK 5 -- Add to Cart
C4411255P5 1/4"(6.35mm) 0.181"(4.60mm) 0.062"(1.59mm) 5um 10.04uL 5 -- Add to Cart
C44112705P5 0.115" 0.125" 0.062" 0.5um 3.32uL 5 -- Add to Cart
C4411272P5 1/4" 0.125" 0.062" 2um 4.47uL 5 -- Add to Cart
C4411285P5 1/5"(5.08mm) 0.102"(2.60mm) 0.062"(1.59mm) 5um 3.21uL 5 -- Add to Cart

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