Easy-Flange Kit

Product Description

  • The Easy-Flange flange-rolling tool for flanged fittings is suitable for PTFE and PTFE-like tubes with OD between 1/16" and 1/8". The tool forms the flange by applying a mechanical force and does not require electrical power.
  • The quality of the flange is considerably improved over other available methods, since the tubing is not stressed by heat and because the specially-designed negative conical profile of the flange-forming part yields an ideal shape for optimized sealing properties.

Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
C44201531 Easy-Flange, clamp pair., spare part for C44201540B Each -- Add to Cart
C44201532 Easy-Flange, flanger and distance gauge Each -- Add to Cart
C44201536 Easy-Flange, flanging disc with 1.3 mm polymer pin Each -- Add to Cart
C44201537 Easy-Flange, flanging disc with 1.3 mm Titanium pin Each -- Add to Cart
C44201540 Easy-Flange, kit in plastic case KIT -- Add to Cart
C44201540B Easy-Flange handle complete Each -- Add to Cart
C44201540L Box, for C44201540, with foam insert Each -- Add to Cart
C44201554 Easy-Flange, flanging disc with 0.8 mm Titanium pin Each -- Add to Cart

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