No-Met Biocompatible Mobile Phase Filters - Low Pressure

Product Description

  • Stainless Steel in the flowpath is not acceptable in a growing number of applications involving the separation of biomolecules. High salt buffers can corrode stainless Steel, and the metal ions released from metallic filters may contaminate or otherwise react with the biomolecules of interest.
  • The No-Met polyethylene filter is designed for these applications, with inert polymeric fittings for 1/8" tubing and a 20 µm filter effectively eliminating metal contamination from the fluid path. Use them for IC and biochromatography applications.
  • No-Met filters can be used at flow rates up to 500 ml/min, measured with methanol/water (1:1), ultrasonically degassed. Flow rates can vary with solvent and tubing ID.
  • The economy version can easily be slipped over 1/8" OD tubing, with no fitting required.

Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
C4432171 Filter, PTFE, mobile phase No-Met 5 um, 1/8'' Each -- Add to Cart
C4432172 Filter, PTFE, mobile phase replacement No-Met 5 um Each -- Add to Cart
C4432174 Filter, PE, Economy No-Met 5 um, 1/8'' Each -- Add to Cart
C4432178 Filter, PE, mobile phase No-Met 20 um, 1/8'' Each -- Add to Cart
C4432179 Filter, PE, mobile phase replacement, No-Met 20 um, 6/pkg Each -- Add to Cart

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