Ferrule, SS

Product Description

  • Valco zero volume ferrules may be used with all Valco fittings and with those of most other manufacturers. Valco metal ferrules cut a ring near the end of the tube, preventing tube release at high pressures without significantly deforming and restricting the tube interior. (However, if the hardness of the tubing is equal to or greater than that of the ferrule, deformation of the tube rather than a cut ring is likely.)

Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
C44595 Ferrule, SS, 1/16'' 5 -- Add to Cart
VZF1KS6 Ferrule, 1", 316 SS, 1/pkg Each -- Add to Cart
VZF1S610 Ferrule, ZDV, 1/16", 316 SS 10 -- Add to Cart
VZF1VISF Ferrule, replacement for C-VISF-1, C-VISF-1H, VISF-1 and VISF-2, CTFE Each -- Add to Cart
VZF210 Ferrule, ZDV, 1/8", 303 SS 10 -- Add to Cart
VZF2SI Ferrule, 1/8", replacement support for septum injector (EN2SI), Valcon T polyimide Each -- Add to Cart
VZF4S610 Ferrule, ZDV, 1/4", 316 SS 10 -- Add to Cart
VZF5S610 Ferrule, ZDV, 1/32", 316 SS 10 -- Add to Cart
VZF6S6 Ferrule, 3/8", 318SS Each -- Add to Cart

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