Stainless Steel High Pressure In-Line Filters

Product Description

  • Minimized hold-up volume
  • Two bores for analytical and semi-prep flow rates
  • Three porosity options
  • The stainless Steel in-line filter has virtually no hold-up volume and can be used in various applications without significant band broadening or loss of efficiency.
  • The 0.25 mm bore versions are intended for analytical use between autosampler/injection valve and column. The 0.75 mm bore versions are suitable for higher flow rates in semi-prep systems or for solvent supply from pump to autosampler.
  • With minimal dead volume and available frit porosities of 0.5, 2 or 5 µm, these in-line filters are the ideal column protectors.

Product Options

Product Number Bore Size Pore Size Internal Volume Package Size List Price (CAD)
C446823002 0.25mm 0.2um 0.3uL Each -- Add to Cart
C446823005 0.25mm 0.5um 0.3uL Each -- Add to Cart
C44682302 0.25mm 2um 0.3uL Each -- Add to Cart
C44682305 0.25mm 5um 0.3uL Each -- Add to Cart
C446823105 0.75mm 0.5um 1.7uL Each -- Add to Cart
C44682312 0.75mm 2um 1.9uL Each -- Add to Cart
C44682315 0.75mm 5um 1.9uL Each -- Add to Cart

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