Premier Magnesia

Amphomag® Universal Spill Neutralizer with pH Indicator

Product Description

  • Amphomag® Universal Spill Neutralizer instantly changes color to help you safely respond: blue for bases, red for acids and yellow/green when neutralized.
  • A unique containment chemistry designed for any spilled material
  • Environmentally friendly
  • More than a simple sorbent, it also neutralizes acids and bases
  • Easy to use, no additional training needed
  • Safe to handle, requiring no special precautions
  • Not toxic to humans, animals or the environment
  • Easy to store at all temperatures when kept dry
  • A rust inhibitor and prevents degradation of Hazmat shipping and storage containers


Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
C7AMPH03S Amphomag® Universal Spill Neutralizer 3lb Shaker -- Add to Cart

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