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Autosampler Parts - CDS AS2500, AS2500plus, & AS5250

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Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
CD10A13015 Quartz Tubes, P40 Quartz Tubes 40 -- Add to Cart
CD10A13016L Autosampler Filler Tubes, Long Filler Tubes-Long 40 -- Add to Cart
CD10A13016S Autosampler Filler Tubes, Filler Tubes-Short 40 -- Add to Cart
CD10S45005 Pyrolysis Chamber Pyrolysis Chamber For AS 5250 Each -- Add to Cart
CD24600247 Valve Rotor, For Pyrolyzer Each -- Add to Cart
CD24600294 Valve, Centre Hole, For Valve For As5250 Each -- Add to Cart
CD24600295 Valve Rotor, For AS 2500Plus Valve Rotor For AS 5250 Each -- Add to Cart
CD93014008 Quick Connect Transfer Line Transfer Line Stabilizer (Quick Connect) Each -- Add to Cart

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