PTFE FEP Tubing - Flanging Tool Kit 120V

Product Description

  • The flanging tool consists of a soldering iron and custom heating tips. The custom tips are ideally designed to apply heat to a squarely cut piece of tubing. As the tubing is heated it is formed into a flange that is ideally suited for sealing into Hamilton valves. The kit comes with 3 heating tips for 12, 18, and 22 gauge tubing as well as a tubing holder. These components are also available individually.

Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
H32903 Tubing Holder Each -- Add to Cart
H32905 Flanging Tip 22 Gauge Each -- Add to Cart
H32906 Flanging Tip 18 Gauge Each -- Add to Cart
H32907 Flanging Tip 12 Gauge Each -- Add to Cart
H32910 Flanging Tip 1/32"ID Each -- Add to Cart
H32911 Flanging Tip 1/16" ID Each -- Add to Cart
H88821 Flanging Tool Kit 120V Each -- Add to Cart

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