Prevail 3um C18 Columns

Product Description

  • Hichrom Limited has acquired the worldwide exclusive rights to manufacture Prevail™ HPLC columns from Grace. Hichrom manufactures these columns to the same exacting manufacturing protocols and to identical specifications previously used by Grace/Alltech.
  • Stable from 100% Organic to 100% Aqueous
  • Exceptional bonded phase stability for long column life
  • Excellent sensitivity with microbore and ELSD applications
  • Prevail™ HPLC columns offer exceptional versatility for difficult separations. Traditional reversed-phase packings experience bonded phase collapse under highly aqueous (>95%) conditions.
  • Prevail™ bonded phases remain fully extended in 100% aqueous and offer a high carbon load for exceptional retention at 100% organic. Retain both polar and nonpolar compounds simply by adjusting the mobile phase.

Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
HCR43818 Prevail 3um C18 Column 50x2.1mm Each -- Add to Cart
HCR43827 Prevail 3um C18 Column 20x2.1mm Each -- Add to Cart
HCR43829 Prevail 3um C18 Column 50x4.6mm Each -- Add to Cart
HCR43871 Prevail 3um C18 Column 100x2.1mm Each -- Add to Cart
HCR99200 Prevail 3um C18 Column 150x2.1mm Each -- Add to Cart
HCR99202 Prevail 3um C18 Column 100x4.6mm Each -- Add to Cart
HCR99204 Prevail 3um C18 Column 150x4.6mm Each -- Add to Cart
HCR99279 Prevail 3um C18 Rocket 53x7mm Each -- Add to Cart
HCR99280 Prevail 3um C18 Rocket 33x7mm Each -- Add to Cart
HCR99322 Prevail 3um C18 Column 150x3.0mm Each -- Add to Cart

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