Alltima 3µm Silica Columns

Product Description

  • Hichrom Limited has acquired the worldwide exclusive rights to manufacture Alltima® HPLC columns from Grace. Hichrom manufactures these columns to the same exacting manufacturing protocols and to identical specifications previously used by Grace/Alltech.
  • Stability, Purity and Performance
  • Better peak symmetry— high-purity silica eliminates peak tailing problems
  • Long column life—exceptional column stability minimizes downtime and reduces cost
  • Ideal for microbore or critical analysis—low to no detectable column bleed
  • Multiple selectivity options— optimizes retention, resolution and analysis time
  • Alltima™ HP columns combine our best phase chemistries with high-purity silica. The result is one product family with the selectivity and performance needed to help overcome your most challenging separation needs.

Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
HCR43877 Alltima 3um Silica Rocket 53x7mm Each -- Add to Cart
HCR43884 Alltima 3um Silica Column 150x2.1mm Each -- Add to Cart
HCR81404 Alltima 3um Silica Column 100x4.6mm Each -- Add to Cart
HCR81405 Alltima 3um Silica Column-W (Waters column port) 100x4.6mm Each -- Add to Cart
HCR81409 Alltima 3um Silica Column 150x4.6mm Each -- Add to Cart
HCR81410 Alltima 3um Silica Column-W (Waters column port) 150x4.6mm Each -- Add to Cart
HCR81414 Alltima 3um Silica Column 50x4.6mm Each -- Add to Cart

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