DEXTech Plus System - Consumables and Accessories

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Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
LCT10020 Solvent filter, 10 µm (already included in LCTF10000DV) Each -- Add to Cart
LCT10517 Easy Flange Kit (recommended together with p/n LCT14446) Kit -- Add to Cart
LCT11578 Liquid Level Sensor/Switch for Organic Solvents; for Waste Level Control including tubings, electrical connection and cap / GL 45 for bottle Each -- Add to Cart
LCT13203 Purge Syringe Each -- Add to Cart
LCT13708 Dummy Column stainless steel (instead of P/N LCT15068) Each -- Add to Cart
LCT13711 Dummy Column stainless steel (instead of P/Ns LCT13807/LCT15106/LCT15433) Each -- Add to Cart
LCT13713 Dummy Column stainless steel (instead of P/N LCT15242) Each -- Add to Cart
LCT13720 Rack for Up to Three Solvent Bottles (max. diameter 103 mm/usually 1 L flasks) Each -- Add to Cart
LCT13807 FLORISIL Clean-up glass column 25 -- Add to Cart
LCT14262 Reduction Adapters needed for usage of smaller multi layer acid silica glass column (P/N LCT14307) 2 -- Add to Cart
LCT14438 Dummy Column stainless steel (instead of P/N LCT14307) Each -- Add to Cart
LCT14951 Fraction Rack for two flasks NS14/23 Each -- Add to Cart
LCT15242 Carbon Clean-up Column 10 -- Add to Cart
LCT15324 Spare Parts for General Maintenance (no labour work); Valves: 6 x rotor seals; Pump: 2 x seals/secondary plunger seal/centering device for prep. Plunger Kit -- Add to Cart
LCT15433 ALUMINA Clean-up Glass Column 25 -- Add to Cart
LCTV0030 Vials with Snap-on-Lid, total volume 30 mL (seals & snap-on-lid for storage only) 200 -- Add to Cart

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