Special Accessories for Solid Phase Extraction (SPE columns) & Immunoaffinity columns

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Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
LCT12107 Tray for 14 pcs - 100 mL bottles; eg. LCTech bottles F100, F100-D or equivalent (P/N LC12103 is needed) Each -- Add to Cart
LCT12334 Column Adapter for 3 mL SPE cartridges 10 -- Add to Cart
LCT12337 Column Adapter for LCTech glass columns (Florisil) 10 -- Add to Cart
LCT12808 Column Adapter for 1 mL SPE cartridges 10 -- Add to Cart
LCT12809 Column Adapter for 6 mL SPE cartridges 10 -- Add to Cart
LCT13382 Reusable needles (stainless steel) for transfer of sample from SPE-cartridge into the EVAporation chamber 12 -- Add to Cart
LCT13414 Column Adapter for 15 mL SPE cartridges 10 -- Add to Cart
LCT13416 Tray for up to 18 SPE / IAC columns appropriate adapter is necessary / special adapters available on request (Frame 12103 needed) Each -- Add to Cart
LCT13544 Injection needle for direct elution into the EVAporation chamber or for direct injection into ThermELUTE/HPLC, single usage, plastic; can contain rheological additives and diluents 1000 pcs / pckg -- Add to Cart
LCT13946 FREESTYLE BASIC with SPE-module needed for 54 samples with two eluates: Special rack for up to 18 SPE-columns; no frame needed (outher witdh 120 mm) 3 pcs needed Each -- Add to Cart
LCT13948 Rack for elution: for up to 54 test tubes (100 x 16 mm); test tubes are open/no cap; only for handling with the SPE-gripper to elute the sample from SPE-cartridge (outer width: 100 mm) 2 pcs are needed for 72 samples ( one sample - one eluate): Each -- Add to Cart
LCT14044 Software Upgrade "Horse Urine" This price includes the Dongle (p/n LC14111) Each -- Add to Cart

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