MV5 Automated Concentrator

Product Description

  • The MV5 is a multi-channel and multi-functional parallel instrument designed by LabTech, including all accessories and functions to ensure the highest standard of efficiency, speed, reliability, throughput and safety of any concentration process.
  • 54 sample positions able to work either individually or simultaneously
  • Automatic adjustment of nitrogen needle according to the sample volume reduction
  • Visible concentration process thanks to the front window and internal lights
  • Auto-locked cover during operations
  • Easy replacement of nitrogen needles
  • 7” touch-screen color control panel
  • Low-level liquid level alarm
  • Intuitive software interface


Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
LTIUSMP5000 MV5 Automated Concentrator, 220V Each -- Add to Cart
LTIUSMP5000115 MV5 Automated Concentrator, 110V Each -- Add to Cart
LTIMV5SP010 54-Position Rack for 10mL glass tube, 15.5x100 mm Each -- Add to Cart
LTIMV5SP014 54-Position Rack for 20mL glass tube, 18x135 mm Each -- Add to Cart
LTIMV5SP015 24-Position Rack for 40mL collection vessel, 27.5x95mm Each -- Add to Cart
LTIMV5SP016 24-Position Rack for 60mL collection vessel, 27.5x140mm Each -- Add to Cart
LTIMV5SP017 24-Position Rack for 50mL centrifuge vial, 29x115mm Each -- Add to Cart
LTIMV5SP018 24-Position Rack for 40mL concentration vessel with 1mL end Each -- Add to Cart
LTIMV5SP019 12-Position Rack for 50mL concentration vessel with 1mL end Each -- Add to Cart
LTIMV5SP020 6-Position Rack for 200mL concentration vessel with 1mL end Each -- Add to Cart

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