OPTI-GUARD® 3mm Guard Columns

Product Description

  • The OPTI-GUARD® 3 mm maintains the tool-free connectivity of the 1 mm, but incorporates a cartridge based format to allow for a larger bed with more capacity. The two-part holder is designed for use with any analytical column to provide vital protection from dirty samples and strongly retained contaminants. An auto-adjusting stem conforms to any tube stop depth for a perfect zero-dead-volume connections.
  • Hand-tight two-part PEEK/ Stainless Steel holder
  • Connecting the holder requires no extra tubing or fittings
  • Automatically adjusts to any manufacturer's column
  • Perfect repeat ZDV connection
  • Minimal impact - no change in efficiency
  • Holder stays plumbed when changing cartridges
  • Use with OPTI-GUARD® 3mm Cartridges only


Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
M100201482 OPTI-GUARD® 3mm Cartridge, C18 3 -- Add to Cart
M100201485 OPTI-GUARD® 3mm Cartridge, C8 3 -- Add to Cart
M100201488 OPTI-GUARD® 3mm Cartridge, Amino (NH2) 3 -- Add to Cart
M100201491 OPTI-GUARD® 3mm Cartridge, Silica 3 -- Add to Cart
M100201494 OPTI-GUARD® 3mm Cartridge, C4 3 -- Add to Cart
M100203050 OPTI-GUARD® 3mm Cartridge, Cyano (CN) 3 -- Add to Cart

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