OPTI-PAK® 10-32 Traps, 0.25µL

Product Description

  • The OPTI-PAK's unique hardware design integrates a PEEK holder with an auto-adjusting stem which provides a fluid interface with any 10-32 standard injector port, and guarantees a zero-dead-volume connection despite variances in tube stop depth. A proprietary method of frit placement allows the packed stem to be positioned directly into the flow path, which eliminates all excess swept volume. Less swept volume translates to absolute minimum sample dilution and dispersion. The elegant, flexible design of OPTI-PAK® makes it amenable to virtually any trapping application. Installing an OPTI-PAK® into the outlet of a switching valve will facilitate the trapping, desalting, and pre-concentration of an analyte mixture. With Opti-Pak's versatility, a second trap can be added downstream in the loop of an injection valve and effectively perform a 2D separation
  • Includes 5 disposable 10-32 hand-tight holders and custom packed cartridges
  • Specially designed for use in today's low volume trapping applications
  • Packed stem is positioned directly in flow path
  • Absolute minimum sample dilution and dispersion
  • Auto adjusting ZDV connection
  • Amenable to any trapping technique
  • Can be installed side-by-side in same valve stator without interference


Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
M1003324TA OPTI-PAK®,0.25µL, C18 5 -- Add to Cart
M1003324TB OPTI-PAK®,0.25µL, C18AQ 5 -- Add to Cart
M1003324TC OPTI-PAK®,0.25µL, C8 5 -- Add to Cart
M1003324TD OPTI-PAK®,0.25µL, C4 5 -- Add to Cart
M1003324TE OPTI-PAK®,0.25µL, SCX 5 -- Add to Cart
M1003324TF OPTI-PAK®,0.25µL, SAX 5 -- Add to Cart
M1003324TG OPTI-PAK®,0.25µL, DVB 5 -- Add to Cart

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