Macherey Nagel

ALUGRAM® Xtra SIL G aluminium sheets - Unmodified standard silica layers on aluminium for TLC

Product Description

  • Silica 60, specific surface (BET) ~ 500 m2/g, mean pore size 60 Å, specific pore volume 0.75 mL/g, particle size 5–17 µm; standard grade
  • Outstanding wettability for precise colorization results, even with 100 % aqueous detection reagents
  • Excellent separation efficiency and reproducibility from lot to lot
  • Easy and reliable cutting due to an optimized binder system, no flaking of silica
  • Binder: highly polymeric product, which is stable in almost all organic solvents and resistant towards aggressive visualization reagents; also completely stable in purely aqueous eluents


Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
MCN81823020 ALUGRAM Xtra SIL G, 5x7.5 cm 20 -- Add to Cart
MCN818232 ALUGRAM Xtra SIL G, 5x20 cm 50 -- Add to Cart
MCN818233 ALUGRAM Xtra SIL G, 20x20 cm 25 -- Add to Cart
MCN818261 ALUGRAM Xtra SIL G, 5x10 cm 50 -- Add to Cart
MCN818329 ALUGRAM Xtra SIL G/UV254, 2.5x7.5 cm 200 -- Add to Cart
MCN81833020 ALUGRAM Xtra SIL G/UV254, 5x7.5 cm 20 -- Add to Cart
MCN818331 ALUGRAM Xtra SIL G/UV254, 4x8 cm 50 -- Add to Cart
MCN818332 ALUGRAM Xtra SIL G/UV254, 5x20 cm 50 -- Add to Cart
MCN818333 ALUGRAM Xtra SIL G/UV254, 20x20 cm 25 -- Add to Cart
MCN818360 ALUGRAM Xtra SIL G/UV254, 5x10 cm 50 -- Add to Cart
MCN818362 ALUGRAM Xtra SIL G/UV 254, 10x20 cm 20 -- Add to Cart

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