Raptor Polar X LC Columns

  • Supplier: Restek
  • Storage Conditions: When not in use, Raptor Polar X columns must be kept in 100% acetonitrile. If using a buffered mobile phase, first flush thoroughly with 50:50 water:acetonitrile, then fill with acetonitrile for storage.
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Product Description

  • Reliably analyze a wide variety of polar analytes (acidic, basic, and neutral) without time-consuming derivatization or complex ion pairing.
  • Switch between HILIC and ion-exchange retention modes with simple mobile phase changes and short equilibration times.
  • 2.7 μm Raptor core-shell particles provide UHPLC-like speed and efficiency on all makes and models of LC systems.
  • Ideal for increasing sensitivity and selectivity in LC-MS analyses.


Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
RK9311A12 Raptor Polar X LC Column, 100mm x 2.1mm, 2.7µm EACH -- Add to Cart
RK9311A32 Raptor Polar X LC Column, 30mm x 2.1mm, 2.7µm EACH -- Add to Cart
RK9311A52 Raptor Polar X LC Column, 50mm x 2.1mm, 2.7µm EACH -- Add to Cart
RK9311A5E Raptor Polar X LC Column, 50mm x 3.0mm, 2.7µm EACH -- Add to Cart

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