SPeVAP® Multi-Function Solvent Evaporator

  • Supplier: UCT

Product Description

  • SPeVAP® 32/48 position solvent evaporator is a welcome addition to UCT’s long-standing manifold arsenal. Featuring the same reliability and performance associated with our pneumatic extractors, it is designed to be more efficient and take up less space than a traditional evaporator. SPeVAP® has an exhaust port so it does not require fume hood space to operate. The sleek design and touchscreen capabilities allow for easier use and expanded functionality. SPeVAP® possesses a smaller footprint than traditional evaporators, in addition to its self-exhaust allowing for operation outside of fume hood encapsulation.
  • In addition, the extended programming provides for gradual increase of flow gradients in tube as evaporation occurs, ensuring targeted completion. Other features include standard corrosive resistance, an on-spot PTFE nozzle adjustment and/or replacement, an easily accessible drainage port, and a color-coded view window corresponding with the individualized stage of operation.


Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
UCTSPEVAP32 SPeVAP® 32 Position Multi-Function Solvent Evaporator EACH -- Add to Cart
UCTSPEVAP48 SPeVAP® 48 Position Multi-Function Solvent Evaporator EACH -- Add to Cart

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