Parker Balston

Parker FID Gas Stations

Product Description

  • Parker Balston’s FID Gas Stations provide both hydrogen gas and zero grade air to FID detectors on Gas Chromatographs.
  • These systems are specifically designed to provide fuel gas and support air to Flame Ionization Detectors, Flame Photometric Detectors or Total Hydrocarbon Analyzers.
  • The hydrogen supply produces 99.9995% pure hydrogen and the Zero air is produced by purifying on-site compressed air to a total hydrocarbon concentration of < 0.1 ppm (measured as methane).

Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
WHBFID1000NA Generator, Hydrogen & Air, FID-1000 Gas Station EA -- Add to Cart
WHBFID2500NA Generator, Hydrogen & Air, FID-2500 Gas Station EA -- Add to Cart
WHBMKFID1000 Maintenance Kit, for FID Gas Stations EA -- Add to Cart

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