YMC America

YMC-Pack ODS-AL Guard Columns

Product Description

  • YMC-Pack ODS-AL uses not only hydrophobic interaction but also secondary interaction caused by silanol groups that affect separations. This results in a different selectivity from conventional ODS columns.
  • When ionic interaction is utilized, it is preferable to use a buffer in the mobile phase to achieve reproducibility of chromatograms.


Product Options

Product Number Pore Size (A) Particle Size (um) Length (mm) I.D.(mm) Package Size List Price (CAD)
YAL12S050104WFG 120 5 10 4 Each -- Add to Cart
YAL12S050105WFG 120 5 10 5 Each -- Add to Cart
YAL12S050310WTG 120 5 30 10 Each -- Add to Cart
YAL12S050520WTG 120 5 50 20 Each -- Add to Cart

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