YMC America

UltraHT Pro C18 Analytical Columns

Product Description

  • Superior column performance at higher flow rate and higher pressure
  • Excellent resolution with back pressure less than 60% of commerical sub-2um
  • Same selectivity and superior peak shapes as 3um and 5um Pro C18
  • Simple method transfer from conventional HPLC
  • YMC-UltraHT Pro C18 is a C18 bonded-phase based on highly efficient 2um spherical silica particles. YMC-UltraHT Pro C18 is designed for high speed and high throughput analysis, advanced endcapping technology makes YMC-UltraHT Pro C18 highly appropriate for analysis of basic compounds. The physical properties and separation characteristics are strictly controlled, so it is highly suitabable as the first choice column for ultra fast LC.


Product Options

Product Number Pore Size (A) Particle Size (um) Length (mm) I.D.(mm) Package Size List Price (CAD)
YAS12S020302WT 120 2 30 2 Each -- Add to Cart
YAS12S020502WT 120 2 50 2 Each -- Add to Cart
YAS12S020503WT 120 2 50 3 Each -- Add to Cart
YAS12S021003WT 120 2 100 3 Each -- Add to Cart
YAS12S02L502WT 120 2 75 2 Each -- Add to Cart
YAS12S02L503WT 120 2 75 3 Each -- Add to Cart
YAS12S021002WT 120 2 100 2 Each -- Add to Cart

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