YMC America

YMC-Pack Pro C4 Guard Columns

Product Description

  • Superior separation of basic compounds
  • Processed with the same advanced endcapping technology as Pro C18
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Utilizes highly pure silica gel base
  • Two types of test reports as included with each column
  • YMC-Pack Pro C8 and C4 are highly appropriate for basic compounds since more advanced endcapping technology is used for processing of their residual silanol groups that are likely to affect quality.
  • The YMC-Pack Pro C8 and C4 stationary phase surface hydrophobicity is lower than that of ODS., manking YMC-Pack Pro C8 and C4 useful for quick analysis of compounds that differ greatly in hydrophobicity. The separation behaviour of hydrophilic compounds or planar compounds on YMC-Pack Pro C8 and C4 also differs from that on ODS, making YMC-Pack Pro C8 and C4 useful for separating compounds in cases where separation optimization is difficult to achieve using ODS.


Product Options

Product Number Pore Size (A) Particle Size (um) Length (mm) I.D.(mm) Package Size List Price (CAD)
YBS12S050520WTG 120 5 50 20 Each -- Add to Cart

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