YMC America

YMC Carotenoid Analytical Columns

Product Description

  • Resolves polar and nonpolar geometric carotenoid isomers
  • Separates carotenoids in blood samples, food products, natural product extracts, and commerical preparations
  • Operates with low aqueous on non aqueous mobile phases desirable in LC/MS and prep fraction recovery

Product Options

Product Number Particle Size (um) Length (mm) I.D.(mm) Package Size List Price (CAD)
YCT99S031046WT 3 100 4.6 Each -- Add to Cart
YCT99S051520WT 5 150 20 Each -- Add to Cart
YCT99S051546WT 5 150 4.6 Each -- Add to Cart
YCT99S052502WT 5 250 2.0 Each -- Add to Cart
YCT99S052520WT 5 250 20 Each -- Add to Cart
YCT99S052546WT 5 250 4.6 Each -- Add to Cart
YCT99S031546WT 3 150 4.6 Each -- Add to Cart

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