YMC America

YMC CHIRAL CD BR Series Analytical Columns

Product Description

  • Cyclodextrin type optical isomer separation column
  • Useful for separation of optical isomers and structural isomers
  • Three cavity types, a, B and y, are available
  • YMC Chiral CD BR series is composed of 3 types of optical isomer separation columns. Each column possesses a-, B- or y-bromo-cyclodextrin as a functional group. Selection from the 3 types of columns enables analysis of a wide range of compounds.
  • In addition, YMC Chiral CD BR series shows different selectivity from ODS becuase the separation is based on host-guest interaction. YMC Chiral CD BR series is useful for separating structural isomers that are difficult to separate on ODS.

Product Options

Product Number Pore Size (A) Particle Size (um) Length (mm) I.D.(mm) Package Size List Price (CAD)
YDB12S051546WT 120 5 150 4.6 Each -- Add to Cart
YDB12S052546WT 120 5 250 4.6 Each -- Add to Cart

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