YMC America

YMC-Pack Polyamine II Analytical Columns

Product Description

  • Silica gel chemically bonded with polyamine
  • The most suitable column for separation of sugars
  • Solves durability problem of conventional silica-based amino columns
  • Useful for separation of hydrophilic compounds including vitamins
  • Useful for separation of fat-soluable compounds using nonaqueous mobile phase
  • YMC-Pack Polyamine II is a silica-based packing bonded with polyamine. It is particularly useful for separation of sugars. The column lifetime of YMC-Pack Polyamine II in aqueous mobile phase is longer than conventional silica-based amino columns, and thus is applicable to separation of oligosaccharides using mobile phase with relatively higher water content. In addition, YMC-Pack Polyamine II can be used to separate ionic compounds with a combination of normal-phase mode and weak anion exchange mode.

Product Options

Product Number Pore Size (A) Particle Size (um) Length (mm) I.D.(mm) Package Size List Price (CAD)
YPB12S052546WT 120 5 250 4.6 Each -- Add to Cart
YPB12S051506WT 120 5 150 6 Each -- Add to Cart
YPB12S051546WT 120 5 150 4.6 Each -- Add to Cart
YPB12S052506WT 120 5 250 6 Each -- Add to Cart

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