Custom Reference Standards Request

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Technical Information
Minimum of 1mL organic and minimum of 500mL inorganic
Minimum total volume of 3mL for Restek and minimum total volume of 5mL for Accustandard Organic
Documentation request for Restek Standards only.
Upload an Excel file or use the text area to enter Compound Name, CAS Number and Concentration. Each compound must be listed on a separate line. Please include concentration unit: ng/mL, µg/L, µg/mL, mg/L, mg/mL, µg/g, mg/g, %(v/v), %(w/v) and %(w/w).
Please specify any compounds that cannot be present in your formulation. We will do our best to ensure that these compounds are not present in the raw materials used to manufacture your standard.
Please list any additional compounds or special requirements not previously identified.