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Your Chromatography Update – May 2024

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Restek – Inert HPLC Columns

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Analyzing compounds that have nonspecific adsorption (NSA) or nonspecific binding (NSB) to metal surfaces in LC columns have historically been a challenge. Poor peak shape and sensitivity are key indicators that polar, usually acidic compounds are interacting with the metal surfaces in the column, causing poor data quality.

Restek Inert HPLC ColumnsRestek’s new inert column technology is designed to eliminate these active analytes in the column hardware, giving analysts greater confidence in their data when working with metal-sensitive analytes.

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Trajan – GC Consumables, Vial Crimpers & Decappers, Gas Purifiers & Filters, and more

Trajan LogoTrajan is a leading global provider of GC consumables which has recently incorporated the SGE brand – well known for its syringes, GC columns, injection port liners, and CRS brand – well known for gas purifiers, septa, ferrules, and crimpers.

Trajan Scientifc GC Consumables

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We are excited to introduce CHROMSPEC AQ, our new line of Affordable Quality Products
which includes:

  • Headspace Vials
  • VOA Vials
  • Storage Vials

Bulk pricing is available, contact us with your annual usage for a quote.

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LabTech – Automated Sample ConcentrationThink Green and LabTech Logo

LabTech’s MVP vacuum concentrator is widely used for the preparation of environmental, food and agricultural samples, in addition to many other heat-sensitive applications.

  • LabTech MVP Vacuum ConcentratorAchieve high throughput automatic evaporation of liquid samples
  • Improve work efficiency and sample recovery
  • Reduce human errors and enhance the accuracy of analysis
  • A special solvent recovery design protects the laboratory environment

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CHROMSPEC Flex DollarsChromatographic Specialties Logo

Have you ever received a budget, or grant, or year-end funding that needed to be spent quickly?

CHROMSPEC Flex Dollars can help you manage this situation by allowing you to instantly spend
the funding while using that budgeted amount at a later date to purchase the product you need.

CSI FLEX Dollars







CHROMSPEC Flex Dollars are similar to pre-paid gift certificates that can be redeemed for payment
of future orders.  Flex Dollars are available in $500.00 increments and redeemable within 2 years of purchase.

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CHROMSPEC Packed GC Columns

Chromatographic Specialties LogoChromatographic Specialties has been packing GC columns for over 60 years!
We can pack the column you need.

  • Competitively priced
  • Fast turnaround – our dedicated production lab will ensure fast delivery
  • Virtually endless number of customizations available – our conservative estimate is 2.4 quadrillion
  • As always, free support for life, no purchase necessary

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Sale Items

GC Columns  GC Supplies  HPLC Columns  HPLC Supplies  Vials, Caps and Septa  ...and more

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Refurbished Instrumentation

CSI Cost Savings Initiatives BannerChromatographic Specialties is pleased to now offer complete refurbished instrumentation, to give you great prices on GCs, HPLCs, and more.

CSI Refurbished InstrumentsThese systems are fully tested by our instrumentation experts to ensure smooth operation, receiving full preventative maintenance, and available as a turnkey solution for your lab.  Almost all of our refurbished instruments are backed by a partial warranty. 

Contact us for details.

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Your GC Spring Cleaning

Restek LogoSpring has sprung and now is a good time to give your GC system a thorough going over.  There is routine maintenance that we should perform all the time to keep the GC in tip-top condition.

  • GC Inlet Maintenance
  • Replacing a GC Inlet Seal
  • Don’t forget to change you GC inlet bottom seal and trim your GC column
  • Conditioning GC Inlet Parts
  • Keeping your GC System Clean and Inert
  • FID Maintenance
  • Activity of FID detection port: a big problem if underestimated.
  • Split Vent Trap Replacement
  • Contamination of injection system split vent lines: A maintenance item not to underestimate
  • Annual replacement of gas filters
  • Don’t forget about your lab’s moisture traps, especially when it’s summer.

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Polyethylenimine Mediated Recovery of SARS-CoV-2 and Total Viral RNA

ScienceDirect logoThis research shows great promise in significantly improving quantitative viral recovery in wastewater, allowing researchers to better understand viral biomarker behaviour in aqueous environments. This article presents a novel method for SARS-CoV-2, Human Coronavirus 229E (229E), and Pepper Mild Mottle Virus (PMMoV) recovery utilizing surface charge-based attraction via the branched cationic polymer, polyethylenimine (PEI).

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