Polymer-based GFC Columns for Light Scattering: OHpak LB-800 Series

Product Description

  • Suitable for light scattering detector because of the controlled column bleed
  • Polymer-based packed columns for aqueous SEC (GFC) analysis
  • The eluent can be replaced with DMF enabling the analysis of polar polymers
  • Corresponds to USP L38 and L39


Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD) Order / Quote
SXF6429201 OHpak LB-803, 8.0 x 300mm, 6µm Each --

SXF6429202 OHpak LB-806M, 8.0 x 300mm, 13µm Each --

SXF6429203 OHpak LB-805, 8.0 x 300mm, 13µm Each --