Biosample and DNA Sampling and Storage Solutions


Biospecimen Collection and Preservation Cards

Ahlstrom's Specimen Collection Card portfolio offers simple and cost-effective collection, transportation and storage of biosamples at ambient temperature, bringing efficiency and simplicity to the biological fluids sampling process. Ideal for forensics and paternity tests, diagnosis and mapping of infectious diseases, biobanking, biomarkers monitoring, pharmacokinetic, therapeutic drug monitoring, among others, their cards are customizable and can be tailored to fully accommodate our customers’ needs.


Long-term DNA Preservation Cards

Ahlstrom-Munksjö collection cards designed for collection, transport and long-term storage of biological samples at ambient temperature, providing a rapid, cost-effective and reliable alternative for the sampling process.

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Biosamples Collection Cards

Ahlstrom-Munksjö BioSample TFN collection cards designed for micro-volume sampling, transport and storage of biological samples are made with white and pure adsorbent fibers for reproducible collection and contain no wet-strengths additives or chemicals.

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