Spring Cleaning Your GC System

Spring has sprung and now is a good time to give your GC system a thorough going over.  There is routine maintenance that should be performed all the time to keep the GC in tip-top condition like changing the liner, o-ring, septum, using your electronic leak detector and column trimming; but there is also periodic preventative maintenance that takes place less frequently that is equally as important.  This may include cleaning the inlet, refurbishing your FID, and replacing the traps in your system.  Not doing so may have consequences.

Here is just a selection for quick reference:

  • GC Inlet Maintenance
  • Replacing a GC Inlet Seal
  • Don’t forget to change you GC inlet bottom seal and trim your GC column as part of your maintenance routine
  • Conditioning GC Inlet Parts
  • Keeping you GC System Clean and Inert
  • FID Maintenance
  • Activity of FID detection port: a big problem if underestimated
  • Split Vent Trap Replacement
  • Contamination of injection system split vent lines: A maintenance item to underestimate
  • Annual replacement of gas filters
  • Don’t forget about your lab’s moisture traps, especially when it’s summer

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