Cost Effective Solutions for Inorganic Compound Analyses





We offer a full range of supplies sourced from world-class suppliers.  Our products perform as well or better than those offered by instrument manufacturers, often at significant savings.  We offer many options that cost less, last longer and / or save you time and money because they are easier to use or more robust.


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LabTech - DigiBlock Digestion Systems

  • One-step operation including digestion, evaporation and constant-volume mode that eliminates possibility of sample loss and contamination during sample transfer
  • Advanced microprocessor enables temperature control accuracy of ±0.2℃
  • Excellent thermal conductivity ensures temperature uniformity ±1.5℃@150℃
  • Units include an 18-place rack to facilitate loading/unloading several samples at a time
  • Programmable multipoint heating function satisfies different heating requirements
  • Over-heat protection function and corrosion resistant for clean lab


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HTA Autosampler for Spectroscopy Applications

  • Compatible with a large range of spectroscopy applications, including ICP-OES, ICP-MS and AA
  • In many case, operates seamlessly directly from the software of the manufacturer of the ICP or AA unit
  • Easy set-up and operation
  • Optimized layout to save bench space and short flow-path
  • Removable racks for continuous feeding
  • Automatic washable port to avoid cross-contamination
  • Hold up to 80 x 10mL tubes or 54 x 50mL tubes


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