Cost Effective Solutions for Inorganic Compound Analyses

We offer a range of products for inorganic compound analysis, including instruments, consumables and labware for ICP-OES, ICP-MS, and AAS.  Contact our Technical Team for help finding the best products for your specific applications.


Competitively priced products with exceptional quality from a supplier you know and trust.




We offer a full range of supplies sourced from world-class suppliers.  Our products perform as well or better than those offered by instrument manufacturers, often at significant savings.  We offer many options that cost less, last longer and / or save you time and money because they are easier to use or more robust.


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We offer AccuStandard’s comprehensive line of inorganic standards.  These products include single element and multi-element standards for:

    ICP-OES Wet Chemicals
  ICP-MS OrganoMetallics
  AAS Matrix Modifiers
  Ion Chromatography And more



These products are manufactured under the guidelines of AccuStandard's ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO Guide 34 quality systems.  The AccuTrace™ documentation features traceability to NIST SRM by Wet Chemical / Gravimetric Assay, traceability to NIST SRM by Instrumental Analysis and reference to NIST Traceability during product preparation.

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LabTech - DigiBlock Digestion Systems

  • One-step operation including digestion, evaporation and constant-volume mode that eliminates possibility of sample loss and contamination during sample transfer
  • Advanced microprocessor enables temperature control accuracy of ±0.2℃
  • Excellent thermal conductivity ensures temperature uniformity ±1.5℃@150℃
  • Units include an 18-place rack to facilitate loading/unloading several samples at a time
  • Programmable multipoint heating function satisfies different heating requirements
  • Over-heat protection function and corrosion resistant for clean lab


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HTA Autosampler for Spectroscopy Applications

  • Compatible with a large range of spectroscopy applications, including ICP-OES, ICP-MS and AA
  • In many case, operates seamlessly directly from the software of the manufacturer of the ICP or AA unit
  • Easy set-up and operation
  • Optimized layout to save bench space and short flow-path
  • Removable racks for continuous feeding
  • Automatic washable port to avoid cross-contamination
  • Hold up to 80 x 10mL tubes or 54 x 50mL tubes


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CHROMSPEC™ UV PES Syringe Filters

  • Your Best Option for Quality Syringe Filters at Lower Prices!
  • Ideal for ICP analysis and aqueous inorganic samples
  • Naturally hydrophilic
  • Available with or without pre-filters


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Whatman - GD/XP™ Syringe Filters

Whatman GD/XP™ syringe filters with integrated layered pre-filters are designed for exceptional loading capacity with high flow rates for thick, viscous samples.

  • Incorporates a two-layer polypropylene prefilter stack rather than a multi-layer glass fiber stack to minimize levels of ion extractables
  • Extremely low protein binding filter
  • High loading volume for filtration of challenging samples


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UCT - SPE Phases for Analysis of Metals from Water

The determination of trace metals in aqueous environmental samples or other matrices often require sample pre-treatment and clean-up procedures prior to analysis by using specific ion-exchange sorbents. The sorbents are used to eliminate matrix interferences and achieve high concentrations of metal ions for good analytical accuracy. They are important when using techniques such as  AA, IES and ICP-AES.

UCT Enviro-Clean® Ion Exchange SPE Cartridges are available in a variety of cartridge sizes, sorbent masses and particle sizes to meet your analytical requirements.


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Hamilton - HPLC Columns

PRP-X100 Anion Exchange HPLC Columns
PRP-X100 columns can be used with virtually any HPLC or ion chromatograph, including dedicated IC units. Technological advancements in modern polymer chemistry now deliver a more rugged column with exceptionally higher separation efficiencies than earlier predecessors.

PRP-X200 Cation Exchange HPLC Columns
PRP-X200 columns are designed for rapid, high resolution separation of alkali and alkaline earth metals. The alkali metals and ammonium are completely resolved in less than five minutes, and the alkaline earth cations separate in under four minutes. Since the mobile phase conditions are different and unique for each of the groups of cations, interferences between these groups are eliminated.


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