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E-chronicle - August 2011 


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Continuing Education



Munktell Filter Papers

Munktell has been manufacturing laboratory filtration products since 1815. Their filters are manufactured according to ISO and GMP specifications. These products are now available from Chromatographic Specialties Inc. at an affordable price that you shouldn't ignore!


  • Filtering for qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Filtration of buffers and dyes
  • Seed testing and soil analysis

Click here for pricing on Munktell's most popular filters.

These products are in stock in Canada and more grades are available

Restek Q-Sep Centrifuge

  • Meets or exceeds requirements of Original Unbuffered, AOAC, and European QuEChERS methodology.
  • Supports 50 mL, 15 mL, and 2 mL centrifuge tubes.
  • Small footprint requires less bench space.
  • Safe and reliable—UL, CSA, and CE approved, 1-year warranty.

Priced to fit your laboratory's budget, the Q-sep™ 3000 Centrifuge is the first centrifuge specifically designed for QuEChERS methodology. This compact, quiet, yet powerful, unit spins at the 3,000 g force required by the European method. Centrifuge includes 50 mL tube carriers (6), 50 mL conical tube inserts (6), 4-place 15 mL tube carriers (6), and 2 mL tube adaptors (24).

New Restek Glassware

NEW! High-Quality Glass Labware at an affordable price.

  • Auto-Zero and Squeeze-O-Matic Burets
  • Separatory Funnels
  • Repeating Pipettes
  • Impingers Contact

CSI Technical Support team at 1-800-267-8103 or email tech@chromspec.com for more information.

GPC/SEC products from Agilent Technologies

Agilent now offers a comprehensive portfolio of GPC/SEC columns and calibrants for high performance separations based on molecular size in solution. Agilent delivers leading solutions for characterizing and separating polymers by GPC/SEC, and manufactures all components for accurate polymer click here to read more.

Special Offer - Calibrate your GPC and save money with Agilent. $395 off GPC columns and standards.


Agilent J&W GC Column Portfolio for Environmental Applications
From testing semi-volatile contaminants in drinking water to quantifying waterborne pollutants.

  • Agilent J&W Ultra Inert GC columns will perform consistent trace-level analysis of pesticides,  phenols, and other active compounds
  • Agilent J&W High Efficiency Capillary GC columns will decrease your run times by 50% or more, without compromising resolution… Click here to read more. Literature Code: AG40


Restek GC Accessories Quarterly Spotlight 2011.2
Bright Ideas for improving your data!

Spotlight explores Restek's offering of gas chromatography (GC) accessories. This issue features Sky™ inlet liners, PID lamps, ETP electron multipliers, Dual Vespel® ring inlet seals, EZ Twist Top® injection ports, FID jets, ProFLOW 6000 Flowmeter, Electronic Leak Detector, and more! Click here to download a copy of the publication.



Biphenyl: Leading Resolution in LC for Clinical and Forensic Applications

Restek's versatile Biphenyl columns provide excellent retention of both polar and nonpolar compounds, resulting in improved resolution of benzodiazepines, cannabinoids, and other key target compounds for clinical or forensic applications.
Click here to download a copy of the publication. Literature Code: RK36



Restek Advantage 2011
In the new edition of the Restek Advantage: 

  • Rxi®-17SilMS columns - separate PAHs that cannot be distinguished by Mass Spectrometry
  • Analyze more samples using split injection for semi volatiles
  • Reliably resolve Benzofluoranthene Isomers using a Pinnacle® II PAH column
  • NEW! Inert Sky™inlet liners improve accuracy and precision for a wide range of analytes.....click here to download a copy


Horizon Consumables Brochure
Horizon have produced a new brochure presenting their range of instruments and consumables. Included in the publication are indepth descriptions of their SPE Disks and a tear-out EPA Method Disk Selection Guide to assist in you chossing the correct Horizon SPE disk for your application.  Don't forget that Horizon's SPE disks can be used with traditional manual techniques as well as their Automated SPE Extractors....click here to find out more. Literature Code: HZ09



Agilent LC Handbook - Guide to LC Columns and Method Development
Today, there are more choices of columns and packing materials to suit an ever expanding range of uses for LC technology. But where do

you start with which column to chose and for what method? Agilent's new LC handbook helps to answer the questions and more that chromatographers face everyday..... click here to download a copy of the publication.  Literature Code: AG34



An Introduction to Gel Permeation Chromatography and Size Exclusion Chromatography from Agilent
This new guide from Agilent provides background to the most common techniques and applications of gel permeation chromatography (GPC) also known as size exclusion chromatography (SEC). Click here to read more.  Literature Code: AG63



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Continuing Education

What's New in Chromatography Seminar from Agilent Technologies
Learn what’s new in HPLC, GC and Sample Prep techniques to make your analyses faster, better and more efficient. Want to find out the latest information about new techniques in GC, HPLC and Sample Preparation? Join the Agilent team of experts for the day, to discuss the following topics: Improving your peak capacity in your HPLC analysis

  • Applications of Bonded-Phase selectivity options and method optimization separations
  • Sample Preparation: SPE and beyond......
  • Basic SPE and troubleshooting
  • So many GC columns! How do I choose?
  • Many different ways to get a faster GC analysis
  • Click here to find out more about these topics
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