CSI E-Chronicle - December 2018

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SIM - Hydrogen Sensor

Within the scientific community, there is broad agreement that hydrogen is the best carrier gas for capillary GC applications.  But in spite of many advantages, the gas has one disadvantage: In case of a leakage, there is the possibility of an explosion in the GC oven!

To eliminate this possibility, SIM has developed a hydrogen sensor that is fully integrated into the Agilent gas chromatograph. By constantly detecting the gas concentration in the GC oven and switching over to inert gas in case of alarm, any risk can be eliminated. For use with most other GCs, an external device with sensor control board and carrier gas switching is available. The related gas sensor head is installed in the GC oven.


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CRS - Model 6 Electronic Crimper

  • Brushless motor for longer life
  • OLED screen displays
    • Battery status
    • Crimp setting
    • Cycle verification and error reporting
    • Setup menu with usage information
    • 8 languages


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CHROMSPEC™ - Lamps for Agilent 1100, 1200, G1315 / G1365 C & D Series DAD, 1260 G7115A DAD, 1260 G7165A MWD

  • Equivalent to Agilent product number 2140-0820
  • True OEM equivalent D2 lamp: bare lamps are sourced from the same lamp manufacturer
  • Lamps are guaranteed for 2000 hours or 12 months shelf life (whichever is soonest).  This warranty is the same as that offered by the Instrument Manufacturer. (applicable to all CHROMSPEC™ lamps with product numbers ending in LL)
  • Each lamp is individually tested, certified and guaranteed to meet the instrument manufacturer’s specifications. All test, manufacturing and sales data is recorded against each lamp's unique serial number


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YMC and Regis Technologies – Chiral HPLC Columns

YMC - Chiral ART HPLC Column / Packing Material with Polysaccharide Derivative Chiral Selectors

  • Applicable to various chiral compounds
  • Excellent resolution/durability
  • Extremely low initial cost for analysis and purification
  • Coated and immobilised phases available
  • Immobilised phases provide excellent durability for Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC)


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Regis Technologies - Pirkle-type Chiral HPLC Columns

These phases come in D/L or R/S forms to allow easy elution order reversal without method redevelopment.  Choose minor enantiomer first for analytical separations, major enantiomer first for preparative separations. 

The Regis Chiral handbook is a great source for information on chiral columns, applications and method development tips. 


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VICI - Jour Chromatography Fluid / Gas Transfer Catalogue

Jour products include a complete line of tubing and capillaries in a wide variety of diameters and materials, high and low pressure fingertight fittings and connection accessories, column hardware, high and low pressure filters, cutters and other tools, backpressure regulators, and much more.


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VICI - Valco and Cheminert Chromatography Catalogue

For 50 years, VICI Valco Instruments Co. Inc. has been the leading designer and manufacturer of standard and custom valves and fittings for precision analytical, biomedical, and biocompatible instrumentation. Their product line also includes a wide range of related products such as pneumatic and electric actuators, tubing and sampling loops, heated enclosures, valve sequence and temperature controllers, gas purifiers, GC detectors, and digital interfaces.


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Restek - GC Troubleshooting Video: The Problem with Gas Leaks Video

Gas leaks are one of the most prevalent and troublesome problems when doing gas chromatography. They can negatively affect your chromatography in a number of ways, and we share some examples here. We also offer a few suggestions on when and how to leak check.


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