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CSI E-Chronicle - February 2012

The e-chronicle is a bi-monthly publication from Chromatographic Specialties Inc. It showcases new products, suppliers, literature and news from across the chromatography industry. Click on the links below to be taken directly to that topic in the e-chronicle.

New Products
New Literature

New Products 

Restek USLC - Choose Columns Fast, Develop Methods Faster
Selectivity is the most influential factor affecting peak separation, or resolution. Restek Ultra Selective Liquid Chromatography™ (USLC™) technology is the directed application of orthogonal selectivity to help the practicing chromatographer develop methods more efficiently and more effectively. The Restek USLC™ column set offers the widest range of selectivity in the industry using just 4 unique stationary phases—Aqueous C18, IBD, Biphenyl, and PFP Propyl—to simplify phase selection.

USLC™ Method Development Toolbox - All the Right Tools—All in One Toolbox

  • USLC™ method development toolbox contains all 4 USLC™ stationary phases in 1 convenient package.
  • Available for UHPLC (1.9 μm) and HPLC (3 or 5 μm) in 50, 100, or 150 mm lengths.
  • Included selection guide makes it even easier to pick the right column the first time.

 Click here for more information.

ZORBAX RRHD 300SB-C3 and Diphenyl 1.8µm columns

  • Large pore (300Å) Rapid Resolution High Definition columns
  • Primarily used  for the separation of peptides and proteins, including monoclonal antibodies
  • For the analysis of protein structure

The ZORBAX RRHD 300SB-C3 is an excellent choice for current users of 3.5 μm and 5.0 μm ZORBAX 300SB-C3 columns who own UHPLC instruments and wish to reduce their analysis time or increase resolution or for those users of the ZORBAX RRHD 300SB-C18 and C8 columns who need the shorter alkyl chain, C3, for improved peak separations, peak shape and recovery, of larger proteins....click here for more information

New Literature

Restek USLC - Choose Columns Fast. Develop Methods Faster
Through extensive study of reversed phase chromatography, Restek has created the widest range of selectivity in the industry using just 4 unique stationary phases: the USLC™ column set....click here to read more. Literature Code: RK135

UCT 2012 Solid Phase Extraction Products Catalogue
The new UCT Solid Phase Extraction Products Catalogue is now available. Products include:

  • CLEAN SCREEN® Sample Prep Products
  • XtrackT® HIGH-FLOW Bonded Phases
  • CLEAN-UP® Solid Phase Extraction Phases
  • STYRE SCREEN® Polymeric Resin Extraction Columns....plus much more

 Literature Code: UCT27 or click here to download a copy.

UCT Solid Phase Extraction Environmental Catalogue 2012

The new 2012 UCT SPE catalogue is now available to download or order copies from Chromatographic Specialties Inc. Products include:

  • ENVIRO-CLEAN® Products
  • QuEChERS products - SPE Cartridges, ChloroFiltr® products, Dispersive SPE extraction and clean up products.

Literature Code: UCT01 or click here to download the pdf.

YMC Pro Series - High Performance Reversed Phase Columns

  • 5 reversed phase chemistries: C18 (3 types), C8 and C4
  • Excellent separation of basic compounds
  • Useful for LC/MS
  • Excellent durability and reproducibility
  • Suitable for use in production, research and development and quality control

Literature Code: YM01 or to download a copy, click here.

YMC Solutions for Bioseparations
YMC offers dozens of different separation chemistries in many different configurations for the separation of biomolecules.
The YMC-BioPro family of Ion Exchange (IEX) columns and materials included SP (strong cation exchange) and QA (strong anion exchange) chemistries on a novel, newly developed hydrophilic ploymer with low non-specific adsorption.

Literature Code: YM11 or to download a copy of the publication, click here

In the new edition:
  • Restek Biphenyl LC columns
  • Rxi 624Sil MS  and Rxi 5Sil MS columns
  • Q-sep QuEChERS products
  • ASTM Reference Standards and Biodiesel Calibration Standards
  • Sky™ Inlet Liners

Click here to read more.

To order copies of the above publications, contact out Customer Service team at 1-800-267-8103 or email sales@chromspec.com and request the Literature Code.

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  • Receive a FREE Tuning Column and a FREE Press-Tight Connector with the purchase of a Restek Rtx-DHA® Analytical Column
  • Try a FREE Solvent Safety Cap....Then Convert your Lab with Agilent's Buy 3 Get 1 Free Offer!
  • 20-30% Discount on Agilent Fast LC & HPLC Columns

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Tradeshow Dates

Chromatographic Specialties Inc.will be appearing at the following tradeshows:

Event Date & Time

UBC Sci Trek Supply Management Tradeshow
University of British Columbia
West Atrium, Life Sciences Institute

March 8th, 2012
SASE 2012 (Southern Alberta Scientific Equipment Trade Show
Univeristy of Calgary
March 28th, 2012

Western Canada Trace Organics Workshop
Delta Bessborough Hotel

April 22nd - 25th, 2012

 Watch our website for more details about up-coming tradeshows.


New Sales Representative for Central and Southwestern Ontario
Chromatographic Specialties Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Samar Haroun as Technical Sales Representative for Central and Southwestern Ontario.

Samar recently completed her Master of Science degree in Chemistry at Simon Fraser University, prior to that, she had obtained a Bachelor of Science from the University of Western Ontario. She compliments her diverse science background with over eight years of experience in a variety of service roles and looks forward to providing you with superior service. 

Samar will be able to assist you at your convenience to discuss any of your chromatography needs or applications. She may be contacted through our Brockville office toll free at 1-800-267-8103 or by email at samarh@sales.chromspec.com

Whatman Discontinued Lines
GE Healthcare Life Sciences (Whatman) will be discontinuing 3 product lines:

  • Thin Layer Chromatography
  • HPLC Columns (Partisil and Partisphere)
  • Bulk Media Silica Products

Orders will continue to be processed until April 9th 2012.

If you are looking for alternative products to meet your needs once these lines are no longer available, please contact our Technical Support team at 1-800-267-8103 or email tech@chromspec.com

Update:  Partisil and Partisphere Columns are now carried by HiChrom and available from Chromatographic Specialties

New CHROMSPEC™ Chronicle coming soon
The new edition of the CHROMSPEC™ Chronicle will be issued in March. Topics will include:

  • What can CSI Instrumentation do for you?
  • Agilent Fast LC - Poroshell and RRHD columns
  • YMC-Triart HPLC columns
  • Restek USLC™ - Ultra Selective Liquid Chromatography
  • What is GPC? Products available from CSI
  • Munktell Filter Paper and Syringe Filters
  • QuEChERS products available from CSI
  • Restek Air Monitoring Canisters - special offer exclusive to CSI and our customers
  • Hamilton Microlab 600 Diluter and Dispenser
  • CHROMSPEC™ Vials

To make sure you receive a copy of the new Chronicle. Click here to complete the Customer Interest Questionnaire. Or email our Customer Service team at sales@chromspec.com letting them know your mailing address.