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CSI E-Chronicle - January 2018

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  • New Products
    • Restek - Raptor 1.8µm Columns for UHPLC Analyses
    • LCTech – DEXTech Pure for PCB and Dioxin Clean-up
  • Featured Products
    • Products Inorganic Compound Analysis
  • Technical Note
    • Restek - The Effects of LC Particle Choice on Column Performance: Raptor 1.8 µm Superficially Porous Particles (SPP) for UHPLC Analyses
  • Promotions
    • CSI - Clearance Sale



Restek - Raptor 1.8µm Columns for UHPLC Analyses

  • Higher efficiency for drastically faster analysis times
  • Better selectivity for substantially improved resolution
  • Increased sample throughput with existing HPLC and UHPLC instrumentation
  • Long-lasting ruggedness for dependable reproducibility
  • Choose from four distinctive phase chemistries: Biphenyl, ARC-18, C18, and FluoroPhenyl

Read the Technical Note for more information about column performance.

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LCTech – DEXTech Pure for PCB and Dioxin Clean-up

DEXTech Pure separates PCBs and dioxins in one fraction each and enables the subsequent measurement of PCBs and dioxins separately in one GC-MS run each. Cross-contamination is reliably avoided.  For users mainly interested in measuring PCBs, the system offers a special highlight in a speedy “PCB only” method.


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