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CSI E-Chronicle - July 2012

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 New Products

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New Products

Knauer - ChromaCon Contichrom™ System - Continous Chromatography for Biologics
The Contichrom™ System is a continuous chromatography tool that enables MCSGP (Multicolumn Countercurrent Solvent Gradient Purification).

  • When compared with batch chromatography, this process offers:

    • 50% higher yield and purity
    • 10-fold increase in throughput
    • 70% less buffer consumption
  • The MCSGP process recycles impure side fraction inside the process until they are pure
  • MCSGP can employ any mobile/stationary phase combination used in batch chromatography            

Click here for more information.

Image: Contichrom™ lab scale unit (top) and pilot scale unit (bottom)


New Agilent Crosslab HPLC Product
Agilent CrossLab offers a growing portfolio of HPLC supplies manufactured for seamless performance with a variety of non-Agilent analytical instruments in your lab. Look inside the CrossLab selection guide to find a wide range of products for your applications.

Agilent currently supports:

  • Waters
  • Shimadzu
  • Dionex*
  • CTC Analytics....and more to come

CrossLab now includes the following HPLC products:

  • Autosampler syringes
  • Performance Maintenance kits
  • Valve supplies
  • Capillaries, tubing and fittings
  • Pump Supplies
  • Vials and closures
  • Detector lamps
  • Sample loops
  • Well plates and sealing mats

 For more information about these products, contact our Technical Support team at 1-800-267-8103 or email tech@chromspec.com


Agilent J&W DB-CLP1 and DB-CLP2 Universal Column Pair - for Pesticide Methods
Now you can simplify your operations with Agilent J&W DB-CLP1 and DB-CLP2 columns – the most flexible universal column pair for 9 EPA pesticides methods. Together, these fast, reliable columns deliver excellent resolving power with exceptionally low bleed while eliminating the need for time-consuming column switching....click here to read more


CRS High Powered Crimping Tool

  • High-power version of the eletronic crimping tool with fixed power supply and cord (no battery)
  • Uses interchangable jaw sets
  • Stores separate programs for different caps and seals
  • Strong enough for all steel and magnetic caps
  • Optional base and mounting kit available

The High Power crimper is faster and more powerful than battery powered models. Contact our Technical Support team for more information.


New Phases available from Agilent for the Poroshell 120 HPLC Columns
The Poroshell 120 family of columns enables you to get the benefits of exceptional efficiency – more speed and more resolution – on your conventional HPLC instruments and get great performance on your UHPLC, too. New phases include Phenyl-Hexyl and SB-Aq phases....click here for more information.


CDS Model 4000 Pyroprobe® - The Ultimate in Affordable Pyrolysis

  • Economical single-step Pyrolyzer
  • Connects to any convetional GC
  • Simple needle connection through injection port
  • Can be programmed at lower temperatures to perform thermal desorption

Click here to read more.


Increased Sensitivity with Minimal Blockage - the New OneNeb Nebulizer from Agilent
Based on Flow Blurring nebulization technology, the OneNeb nebulizer from Agilent generates a fine aerosol that improves both sensitivity and tolerance to dissolved solids for ICP-OES and MP-AES applications. Its inert consturction stands up to all samples - including strong acids such as hydrofluoric acid (HF) and common organic solvents....click here to read more.

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New Literature

NEW Valco® 2012 Catalogue
The Valco catalogue is now available to request. New products include:

  • Fast GC Conversion Kit for 6890/7890 G
  • Fast GC Components Turbocharge Analyses
  • Mini PDD Detector
  • New Modular Universal Actuator
  • Internal and External to Internal Reducers

To request a copy, contact the CSI Customer Service team at 1-800-267-8103 or email sales@chromspec.com and request Literature Code: V01.


Agilent Poroshell - New Phases  
Poroshell 120 columns provide exceptional efficiency for standard HPLC, and siginificanly boost the performance you can get from the 600 and 1200 Bar UHPLC Instruments. Agilent have now grown the column family to include introduction of Phenyl-Hexyl and SB-Aq phases. This publication overviews the complete range, to order, request Literature Code: AG81 or click here to download the pdf.


New Grace Discovery Science 2012 Catalogue
Featuring over 2700 of Grace® leading analytical products, this new resource makes it simple to find and select all your essential chromatography consumables.

  • HPLC & UHPLC - High performance small & large molecule columns
  • Flash Cartridges - High resolution flash consumables
  • HPLC & GC Accessories - Essentials to keep your system running smoothly
  • GC Columns - High resolution capillaries and packed GC
  • Sample Preparation - SPE devices and filters to clean-up samples
  • Equipment & Detectors - ELSD, Gas Generators, Degassers and Pumps

 To view the catalogue, click here.


New VICI Jour® 2012 Catalogue
The 2012 catalogue showcases a new range of UHPLC fittings, which include:

  • New products for UHPLC - PEEK™ one-piece hex-head fittings, Stainless steel reducing unions, imperial to metric, stainless steel pre-column filter, PEEK™ ferrules
  • Polymeric and Stainless Steel fittings - suitable for applications involving proteins, peptides and other biological orignated samples, best reliability in high pressure systems. Range of fittings, suitable for high and low pressure use
  • Tubing - striped colour coded PEEK™ tubing, offering easy identification in systems. Dual layer PEEK™ tubing can be used in high pressure systems and will prevent contamination from pigments used in colour coded tubing.

To request a copy of the catalogue, contact our Customer Service team and request Literature Code: V02


Restek Essentials 2012. v2
In the new edition of the Restek essentials:

  • Restek USLC HPLC columns - all the right tools in one place
  • New BAC columns and Standards
  • Boost Productivity for Dioxin and Furan Analysis with Rtx®-Dioxin2 Columns....plus much more.

Click here to download a copy of the publication. To request a copy, contact our Customer Service.

Agilent Sample Preparation Guide
Agilent's publication, reviewing their complete range of SPE products - including QuEChERS, Dried Matrix Spotting, Captiva Filtration and TOXI TUBES.

Click here to download a copy of the publicaton. To order a copy, contact our Customer Service team and request Literature Code: AG84.  


SCAT 2012-2013 Catalogue
The unique S.C.A.T. system has many innovations for safe supply and disposal of hazardous fluids in laboratory and production. Including the new installation solutions level observation!

Click here to download a copy of the publication. To order a copy, contact our Customer Service team and request Literature Code: SCAT01.

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Buy a Restek USLC Column Kit and Receive a FREE LC Accessory Kit 
Receive a FREE UltraShield UHPLC PreColumn Filter and ValvTool Wrench when you order the USLC UHPLC or HPLC toolbox kit from Restek.

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Save 25% on Agilent GC and HPLC CrossLab Products
Experience the same Agilent quality solutions you know and trust for your non-Agilent GC and HPLC's. Order today and receive 25% off GC and HPLC CrossLab products.

Click here for more details on all our promotions

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New application from UCT for 'Bath Salts'- sample preparation
With the recent media coverage about the use of 'Bath Salts' as a drug and the Federal Government announcing that the substance will be regulated within Canada. UCT has released a new application note for the use of 'Bath Salts" in urine for LC-MS/MS confirmations using: 200mg Clean Screen® Extraction Column. Click here to view the application.

Product Number


Pack Size


130mg/1mL with Clean Thru Disposable Tips



130mg/3mL with Clean Thru Disposable Tips



1000mg/6mL with Clean Thru Disposable Tips



200mg/3mL with Clean Thru Disposable Tips



200mg/6mL with Clean Thru Disposable Tips



300mg/3mL with Clean Thru Disposable Tips



500mg/3mL with Clean Thru Disposable Tips



500mg/6mL with Clean Screen Disposable Tips



500mg/15mL with Clean Thru Disposable Tips


 To read more about UCT's CleanScreen® range of products, click here.

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