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CSI E-Chronicle - July 2017

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  • New Products
    • Restek – Raptor HILIC-Si HPLC Columns
    • LabTech – Rotary Evaporators
  • Featured Product
    • Chromatographic Specialties Inc. – Clean Tubing
  • New Literature
    • Regis Technologies – Specialty Reagents Brochure
  • Technical Article
    • Restek - How Do Intrinsically Base-deactivated Phases Work?
  • Promotion
  • Announcement
    • Horizon Technology - New Features for the XcelVap® Evaporation/Concentration System



Restek – Raptor HILIC-Si HPLC Columns

Rugged, reliable Raptor HILIC-Si columns make the analysis of polar compounds fast, easy, and MS friendly!  HILIC-Si can be used in environmental, clinical, and food safety labs to improve analysis of traditionally difficult compounds.

  • HILIC silica column designed for increased retention of polar compounds without ion-pairing reagents
  • 2.7 µm Raptor core-shell particles provide the speed of SPP, with greater efficiency and capacity than 5 µm particles
  • Ideal for increasing sensitivity and selectivity in LC-MS analyses
  • Fully compatible with both HPLC and UHPLC when using low backpressure HILIC mobile phases
  • Switch to a Raptor HILIC-Si LC column when you need more retention and resolution of hydrophilic, polar analytes.

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