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CSI E-Chronicle - July 2019

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Hy-Lok – Quality Fittings at Reasonable Prices, Fully Compatible and Intermixable
with Other Leading Competitors, Guaranteed

Your First Choice for Medium and High Pressure Fitting Solutions
With decades of industry leading experience, Hy-Lok has earned a name for high precision, and exceptional quality products. Their commitment to continued innovation in manufacturing, excellent customer service, and competitive prices has made them a top choice worldwide across many industries.

Quality You Can Trust
Hy-Lok products are tested for optimal leak protection before being shipped from the factory.  They proudly stand behind the quality and longevity of their high-pressure fittings and take our commitment to safety seriously. Hy-Lok maintains a long list of international certifications to guarantee all products adhere to the relevant standards.

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CRS – ZPure M GC Trap Filters

ZPure M Gas Filters represent the highest quality of purifiers manufactured by CRS. The ZPure M Filters are 3800 cc canisters that have the benefits of higher flow rates, larger capacities, and are CRS-refillable*. The canister is made from 316 stainless steel and has stainless steel fitting options in 1/2” VCR fittings, 1/4” compression, and 1/4” quick connect fittings.

The flow rates and capacities of these traps are roughly 10x higher than for a standard high capacity trap, so these are particularly beneficial for labs or production areas where 10 or more standard high capacity traps are running in parallel (less maintenance, fewer connections that may leak, etc).

  • Higher Capacity – 3800cc
  • Higher Flow Rates – approx. 30 SLPM!
  • Refillable (at manufacturer location)

ZPure M Filters are available in contaminant specific filters for hydrocarbons, moisture, and carbon dioxide, as well as several that remove combinations of these impurities including an oxygen/moisture combo and the PolyGas II Purifier.

 * Please contact our Tech Support Group at tech@chromspec.com for instructions on returning ZPure M canisters for refilling by CRS.

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Hamilton SoftGrip Pipettes

Hamilton believes that the best ideas come from listening to people in the lab who use their pipette products. Responding to user demand, they have developed pipettes putting a priority on addressing the issues of hand strain, fatigue and other injuries caused by pipette use. The result is designs that set new standards for quality, comfort and precision. You'll feel the difference the first time that you pick one up. Hamilton’s line of pipettors including SoftGrip Manual Pipettes, SofTouch Electronic Pipettes, SoftAide Pipette Controllers and SofTop Quik Dispensers, are easy to use, reliable and maximize the efficiency of your lab. Each product features a user-centric design that maximizes quality, comfort and precision.

Features of Hamilton Company SoftGrip Pipettes:

  1. SoftGrip manual pipettes are available in 0.2 µL - 1 mL.
  2. With a soft contoured handle and a curved hilt the pipette rests comfortable in your hand, giving Hamilton the most ergonomic pipette in the market
  3. SoftGrip manual pipettes are completely autoclavable for easy decontamination and sterilization
  4. The isolated volume adjustment makes it so there's no need for a locking mechanism to prevent accidental volume adjustment.
  5. SoftGrip pipettes have a universal calibration key that reduces the need for costly calibration services.
    Calibration requires only minutes to perform and eliminates the downtime and cost of alternative calibration methods.
  6. Every pipette is calibrated at the factory with standards traceable to N.I.S.T. and shipped with a Certificate of Calibration
    documenting the pipette’s accuracy

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Which Crimping Tool Do I Need?  Battery Tools vs High Power Tools

Should I order various battery units or one high power unit with different jaw sets? We see this question a lot when customers are trying to decide on the best tool for their needs. Different tools are required based on your specific application. Read on to find out which tool is right for you.


Battery Units

CRS battery powered crimping tools are single size units. The jaws are stationary in the tool and not interchangeable. These units are beneficial to users that only require 1 or 2 different sizes or functions of jaw sets. The user would have separate tools for each function. For example, a 20mm crimper and a 20mm decapper. The battery units can be used cordless and will perform 800 crimps or more per charging cycle; but can also be operated continuously while on the charger.  It is intended for users that satisfy all the below uses.

  • I only use standard aluminum crimp caps.  Battery units will not crimp steel caps.
  • I have 2 or less jaw set needs.  More than 2 would make the high power unit more economical.
  • I would like to use the tool cordless.
  • I don’t mind having 2 separate tools for each functional need.  Jaw sets are not interchangeable.

If you are crimping and decapping 11mm vials – a tool is needed for each requirement, jaw sets are a part of the unit - no additional jaws needed.

High Power Tools

The High Power (HP) Crimping Tool is a more powerful version of the battery unit that has must be connected to a power supply. The High power tool however, does not have a stationary jaw set. Users must order the jaw sets of their choosing separately from the tool. It is intended for users that satisfy one or more of these requirements:

  • I have applications requiring 3 or more functions (Crimping and decrimping possibly in more than one size).  It is more economical to purchase a HP tool and interchangeable jaw sets than a battery unit for each size needed.
  • I use all-steel or steel-ring caps.  The battery units are not strong enough for steel caps and would require the HP tool.
  • I don’t want multiple tools laying around, I would rather have one tool with interchangeable jaw sets even with only 2 jaw set needs.  This requires the HP tool.
  • I don’t mind having to use the tool while plugged in.  The high power tool is not cordless and a base stand is recommended while in use.

If you are crimping and decrimping 11mm and 20mm vials – a single HP Tool is needed and 4 jaw sets that cover each function.

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Good Crimp / Bad Crimp

The illustration shows examples of crimps that are either too tight, or too loose. 

Too tight results in:  excessive needle wear including bent needles, poor resealing and loss of volatiles after septum is pierced, possibly coring of septa.

Too loose results in:  loss of volatiles, septa being forced into vial leading to needle damage or broken vials.

It is important to adjust manual and electronic crimpers so as to achieve an optimum seal. 

If you are unsure how to proceed, contact our Technical Team for advice.


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