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CSI E-Chronicle - June 2021

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Activated Research Company (ARC) – Solvere: The New Solution in HPLC Detection!

  • Finally, a flexible yet universal carbon detector for HPLC.
  • Allows low concentration detection of molecules with no chromophores.
  • Allows the use of gradient and salt buffers.
  • More sensitive than a refractive index detector and easier to use than an
    evaporative light scattering detector;
    all in one easy-to-use unit.

The long awaited Solvere, a carbon selective HPLC detector is now available!




Solvere™ CSD gives equimolar carbon response.
This uniform response is independent of mobile phase composition,
independent of analyte size, and highly linear.     

Check out some of these highlighted applications for more details:




Contact our Instrumentation Team at 1-800-267-8103 or instrum@chromspec.com
to review your analyses to determine if the Solvere is appropriate for your work.

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LGC – LoGiCal® and Dr. Ehrenstorfer Lines

focuses on the forensic and clinical sectors by providing Certified Reference Materials for Drugs of Abuse and Pharmaceutical analysis.

Click here to view the LoGiCal® product catalogue.




Dr. Ehrenstorfer
focuses on high quality reference materials for food and environmental analysis with a portfolio of products devoted to crucial global regulations, including pesticide, aqueous inorganic and stable isotope-labelled reference materials.

Click here to view the Dr. Ehrenstorfer product catalogue.




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GVS Filter Technology

With a 40-year history, the GVS Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of filter solutions for applications in the Healthcare & Life Sciences, Energy & Mobility and Health & Safety sectors. 

  • Syringeless Filter Vials with a wide range of membranes, including PTFE, Nylon, PES, PVDF and regenerated cellulose. 
  • Ultra-low dead volume housing provides excellent sample recovery.
  • All GVS products are very competitively priced.

Click here for a pdf overviewing their Separa® line of syringeless filter vials.

Click here to order or request a quote.

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TubeWriter – TubeWriter 360: Automatic Labeler for Tubes, Vials, Microplates and Other Labware

TubeWriter 360 is a high-speed inkjet printer that prints directly on labware to eliminate the cumbersome and time-consuming application of adhesive labels. It is designed to print on a wide variety of labware such as tubes, vials, slides, cassettes and microplates.

  • Printing speed of up to 2500 tubes/hour
  • Easily integrate with LIMS, Excel or custom databases
  • Water, liquid nitrogen and alcohol resistant ink










Click here for more information.
Click here to watch the video of the Tubewriter 360 in action.

Contact us to order or request a quote.

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Cost Savings Alternatives to Agilent and Waters Products

Chromatographic Specialties has a range of products that meet or exceed the specifications
of the manufacturer’s product, often at significant cost savings.

Click here to view a list of Agilent 1100 and 1200 HPLC alternative products.

Click here to view a list of Waters Alliance HPLC alternative products.

Our cost saving alternatives to Agilent products have been selected to meet high quality standards
and are equal in performance to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products.

Click here to view a listing of alternative products for Agilent GCs and HPLCs.

Contact us to review your use of these, or other manufacturers’ product, we can help you save time and money by identifying less expensive alternative product, and in some cases products that provide additional benefits that may help you experience savings due to shorter run times or longer product life. 

Click here to reach out to our Technical Team, they will contact you to discuss your usage and coordinate a quote for those products.


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