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Your Chromatography Update – June 2023

The e-Chronicle is back! Chromatographic Specialties Inc. is excited to re-introduce this newsletter featuring: new products, new suppliers,
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Celebrating Our 60th Year of Serving the Canadian Scientific Community

We would like to honour the "Founder" of Chromatographic Specialties - John McKend
…the brilliant and highy respected "Poppa"!

Chromatographic Specialties was founded in 1963 by John and Margaret McKend. Five years earlier, John had been involved in the first installation of a GC at DuPont of Canada (Maitland Works). Over the next few years he noticed that chromatography supplies were excessively difficult to obtain from the US-based equipment manufacturers. Taking advantage of his knowledge and expertise, he began to manufacture and sell packed GC columns. John quickly expanded his supply base to include other chromatographic products and formed CSI to supply these products to a rapidly expanding Canadian marketplace. 60 years later, the company remains family owned and operated into its third generation.

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Restek – Rxi-SVOCms GC Columns

Nominated as a top analytical product of 2022 by Select Science!

See Semivolatiles Clearly with Rugged, Reliable Rxi-SVOCms Columns

  • Outstanding inertness keeps calibrations passing and samples running
  • Excellent resolution of critical pairs for improved accuracy
  • Consistent column-to-column performance
  • Long column lifetime

Designed specifically for semivolatiles analysis, Restek’s Rxi-SVOCms columns ensure consistent performance that will keep calibrations passing longer, so you can run more samples before needing to recalibrate the instrument or replace the column. Their new polymer and deactivation chemistries produce highly inert columns with tightly controlled selectivity, resulting in exceptional performance for a wide range of analytes (acidic, basic, and neutral).

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New CSI Website – Coming Soon!

We are on the verge of launching a new site that will offer customers enhanced product search capabilities and improved online ordering.  We have put significant effort into improving our technical content and searchability within the website. This site can be used as an all-encompassing technical resource for chromatographers and sample preparation chemists including FAQs, tech tips, conversion tables, and YouTube videos.

We are putting the final touches into it and expect to launch shortly; we will let our customers
know when the new site is active.

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Upcoming Tradeshow

Chromatographic Specialties will be exhibiting at:

Expo Cannabis Montréal
September 13th & 14th, 2023
Booth 610, Palais des Congrès
Montreal, Quebec

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Tales from a Scientist-Sailor: Climate Change Monitoring in the Labrador Sea
- by Carrie-Ellen Gabriel

"The DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans) Climate and Tracers laboratory
at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, embarks on
an annual mission to sample sites located in the Labrador Sea as part of the
Atlantic Zone Offshore Monitoring Program (AZOMP)..."

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Picture submitted by Carrie-Ellen Gabriel

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Restek – Protecting Your GC Column from Matrix

Does your chromatography degrade quickly after injecting samples (or standards) that contain matrix? This article from Restek Corporation outlines six steps that can help maintain your chromatographic performance longer before routine maintenance is needed.

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Optimize Technologies – EXP2 Filter Kit Promotion

Protect Your UHPLC Columns and Systems with Optimize EXP2 Filters

EXP2 Filter Holders and EXP2 Filter Cartridges (5 and 10 packs) have traditionally been sold separately. This promotion allows customers to purchase a kit with a holder (in-line or direct connect) and 3 EXP2 Filter Cartridges (3 porosity options).

This product is recommended for customers looking to protect UHPLC columns and systems at extreme pressures. EXP2 Filters provide exceptional in-line and pre-column/direct connect filtration solutions.


  • The promotional package offers discounted rates over 50% off MSRP
  • Provides a better, more robust, and cost-effective product compared to market alternatives
  • Extends the life of UHPLC systems and protects your investment without sacrificing performance
  • Approved for use at 20,000+ psi (1,400+ bar)
  • Depth filtration maximizes capacity
  • Low-volume, low-dispersion cartridges
  • Holders feature Optimize’s Free-Turn® technology which allows the user to easily
    change cartridges without breaking fluid connections
  • Hand-tight filter replacement (no tools needed)
  • Pre-column/Direct Connect Filter Holder connects to any 10-32 port with titanium hybrid ferrule -
    a connection that can be reset to each mating port
  • Hardened stainless steel end cap eliminates galling
  • Provides an auto-adjusting zero dead column connection

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CHROMSPEC Flex Dollars

Have you ever received a budget, or grant, or year-end funding
that needed to be spent quickly? If so, did you have a prepared
list of items to purchase or did you scramble to order product that
you thought would be useful?

It’s difficult to know what supplies your work will require
as you embark on new analyses and analytical projects.

CHROMSPEC Flex Dollars can help you manage these situations by allowing you to instantly spend the funding while using that budgeted amount at a later date to purchase the product you need. Simply purchase CHROMSPEC Flex Dollars and redeem them later to purchase goods and services from Chromatographic Specialties, or our sister company MJSBioLynx.  Flex Dollars are available in $500.00 increments and redeemable within 2 years of purchase.

It’s a safe, flexible, and convenient way to ensure the funding you receive is directed towards the product you need and the work you perform.

Contact us for more information.

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