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CSI E-Chronicle - May 2020

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John Wiley & Sons (Wiley)

Get the best out of your existing GC and LC MS instruments; Wiley continues to update their line of MS Spectral Libraries, including spectra from NIST.  They have recently released their 12th version, if you are using an older version of this resource you will be missing out on the latest spectra.

For information on all Wiley MS databases, contact our Technical Support Team at tech@chromspec.com or call 1-800-267-8103.


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Microsaic Systems

Microsaic are pioneers in miniaturised mass spectrometry (MS). Their patented chip-based technology enables analytical detection and characterisation at the point-of-need. Easy to use and maintain, with no prior knowledge of MS required, their products give users and process operators access to continuous MS detection data at any step in their workflow.

Click here to view the Microsaic brochure.
For more information, including technical specifications contact our Instrumentation Team
at instrum@chromspec.com or call 1-800-267-8103.


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VICI DBS (part of the Valco Instruments product offering) is a leading innovator and manufacturer of high purity gas systems for analytical laboratories. These generators are specifically designed to meet the stringent gas requirements of all the leading GC and LC/MS instrument manufactures. Gas generators offer a safe, convenient and cost-effective alternative to gas cylinders and dewars. A VICI DBS generator provides you with a dependable, easy to use and on-demand supply of ultra high purity gas at a price that is likely to surprise you.


Click here to view the VICI DBS brochure.
For more information contact our Instrumentation Team
at instrum@chromspec.com or call 1-800-267-8103.


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Shodex – IC Column

Hydroxide Selective Ion Chromatography Column

The two major eluent systems for ion chromatography are carbonate based and hydroxide based. The hydroxide system is advantageous in achieving lower background levels than carbonate, especially when used with a suppressed conductivity detector.

Click here to see the whitepaper for notes on using the Shodex™ IC SI-36 4D column with hydroxide mobile phases.

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Contact our Technical Team for more information.

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Empore™ SPE Disk Technology

For those of you who have used Empore SPE disk products in the past, you probably heard that 3M had discontinued the line.  Although that was true, CDS Analytical has purchased the manufacturing, development and distribution rights; these products are once again available through CSI as CDS Analytical is one of our established suppliers.  CDS is improving the Empore offering, they have built a dedicated clean room manufacturing facility and are working on new phases and applications.

Included below are four new application notes:

Click here for an application detailing Empore C18 use in extracting SVOC’s in drinking water followed by GC-MS analysis for EPA method 525.2.

Click here for an application for the determination of organophosphorus pesticides in ground water conforming to EPA method 8141B, using Empore SDB-RPS SPE disks and GC-MS analysis.

Click here for an application detailing Empore use in cleaning HPLC mobile phases.

Click here for tips on how to use Empore for Proteomic research.

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E-Commerce on the CSI Website

We have recently added enhanced e-commerce abilities, allowing customers to place orders on-line, with their specific pricing and inventory / delivery information. 

Contact your local Chromatographic Specialties Sales Rep for details.



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COVID-19 Update

At Chromatographic Specialties, we consider the safety and wellbeing of our employees and customers to be paramount. Our leadership team has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and have been making proactive adjustments to our operations to ensure the continued service and expertise you count on.

We have been identified as an essential service provider and will remain open for business.

We are maintaining close contact with our supply base – the manufacturers of the laboratory equipment and products that allow your laboratory to continue to function in these difficult times. Currently, we are not experiencing any supply disruption for any products.

Updates to this will be posted to the home page of our website.

Some suppliers have products of use in COVID and vaccine research, those too are accessible from the COVID portion of our home page

Click here to view our latest COVID products.


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Spring Cleaning Your GC System

Spring has sprung and now is a good time to give your GC system a thorough going over.  There is routine maintenance that should be performed all the time to keep the GC in tip-top condition like changing the liner, o-ring, septum, using your electronic leak detector and column trimming; but there is also periodic preventative maintenance that takes place less frequently that is equally as important.  This may include cleaning the inlet, refurbishing your FID, and replacing the traps in your system.  Not doing so may have consequences.

Here is just a selection for quick reference:

  • GC Inlet Maintenance
  • Replacing a GC Inlet Seal
  • Don’t forget to change you GC inlet bottom seal and trim your GC column as part of your maintenance routine
  • Conditioning GC Inlet Parts
  • Keeping you GC System Clean and Inert
  • FID Maintenance
  • Activity of FID detection port: a big problem if underestimated
  • Split Vent Trap Replacement
  • Contamination of injection system split vent lines: A maintenance item to underestimate
  • Annual replacement of gas filters
  • Don’t forget about your lab’s moisture traps, especially when it’s summer

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