CSI E-Chronicle - November 2018

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AccuStandard - USP 232 Oral Impurities StandardsAccuStandard - USP 232 Oral Impurities Standards

  • Multi-element calibration standards based on the USP General Chapter 232 and ICH Guideline for Elemental Impurities Q3D
  • High and low level multi-element calibration standards that allow quantitative analysis through custom applications will be available soon
  • All standards are certified under ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34

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Mott - PerfectPeak™ Fixed Flow SplittersMott - PerfectPeak™ Fixed Flow Splitters

  • Economical and effective flow splitters for LC/MS, preparative chromatography and other applications requiring reproducible flow splitting to two outputs or detectors
  • Cartridge based system allows the flexibility of an adjustable flow splitter with the lower cost and simplicity of a fixed splitter system.
  • Low internal volume preserves peak shape and resolution
  • Eliminates hassles of “tuning” tee + capillary based flow splitters


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Activated Research Company –Jetanizer™ and Polyarc® Post-Column Reactors for GC


Activated Research Company – Polyarc® Post-Column Reactors for GCThe Polyarc® system converts all organic compounds to methane molecules prior to their detection by the FID, creating a uniform detector response for truly universal carbon detection. This gives scientists the capability to quantify accurately in a simple, fast and more economical way.

  • Integrates into new and existing GCs with flame ionization detectors (FIDs)
  • Improves accuracy, precision and sensitivity with a uniform FID response
  • Run fewer samples by reducing the need for traditional calibration curves while accurately quantifying all species in a sample


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Activated Research Company –Jetanizer™ The Jetanizer™ is an easy-to-use methanizer that requires no extra plumbing, heaters, gases or toxic nickel catalysts. It installs in your FID like a normal jet to catalytically convert CO and CO2 to methane for ppb-to-100% concentration detection.

  • Easy to install: Simply remove your FID jet and install the Jetanizer™ in its place
  • No toxic metals: The Jetanizer™ does not contain nickel catalysts
  • Higher catalytic activity than nickel catalysts allows for larger linear dynamic range


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Instrumentation for Your Chromatography Lab BrochureCSI - Instrumentation for Your Chromatography Lab Brochure

Our Instrumentation Solutions are designed to simplify and automate your analytical lab environment, saving you time, money and effort.

We are pleased to present our 2018 Instrumentation Brochure, showcasing our services and instruments, from sample preparation and gas generation, to chromatography and detection.


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Try Hydrogen Gas as an Alternative to HeliumCSI - Try Hydrogen Gas as an Alternative to Helium

As the Helium shortage continues to grow, Helium prices are rocketing sky high and in some cases, companies are being told they can not get any. Switching to Hydrogen as a carrier gas offers some great advantages.

Helium is a by-product from only a few underground, natural gas wells in the world. Most of the Helium present today was created by the natural radioactive decay of heavy radioactive elements, such as Thorium and Uranium, making it a non-renewable resource.

What options do you have?

  1. Purifying a lower grade of Helium to get Ultra High Purity Helium
  2. Changing carrier gases


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